dodedodedodedoo.... bbllllllallaaaaaaaahhhhhh... dah-dah-dah dah-dah-dah dah dah dah daaaaahhh dah dah daaaaaaahh dah dah daaaaahhhhh dah dah dahhhh. Okay, that was my text-only rendition of the opening phrase of Rhapsody in Blue to commemorate the fact that I finished my giant paper yesterday! Woohoo! It's 19 pages including the bibliography, certainly the longest thing I've ever written. =) I also completed my online application at Yale last night and paid, so now all I have to do is send them my written work and wait for Queens to send my transcript. Fun! I still have wedding things to do and Christmas presents to wrap, but hey... all that's easy compared to what I just did. It was fun, though. Not the best paper I've ever written, but good nonetheless.

So we got some icy rain last night (I believe the technical term is a "wintry mix"), and it washed all the snow away. =( That's alright, I was getting sick of walking through it to get anywhere. Jack and I are both taking our cars to get oil changes today at the Saturn dealer (we don't trust the Chevy dealer here after the A/C fiasco from the summer, and we haven't found him a real mechanic yet). We've also decided we're going to find an Olive Garden for dinner, even if the nearest one is in Delaware, because every time we see the commercials on TV, it makes us miss eating there. Today is the day, we have vowed, since we both have it off from work and my Tuesday/Thursday class is over. =) I'm still tying up the last-minute wedding things and wrapping presents, etc., and I have to present my Gershwin stuff in my Wednesday class next week. I also have an exam next week for my counterpoint class, which is supposed to take about an hour, so I'm not too worried about it. So you could say I'm stress-free for the moment, at least compared to how I was at this time yesterday. Things are good. Especially with our cat, who is now (finally) our most loving and faithful lap-sitting cat. She helped with my paper when I was typing on my laptop, and she even comes up on our bed, which is a real treat at 3 a.m. when she purrs in my face and demands to be cuddled and petted. She's a good cat. =)

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