Today was exciting. We had no water, and it had nothing to do with the snow we received or ice or anything like that. Our apartment maintenance people were supposed to be working on the pipes for the whole complex earlier in the week, but because of the snow, they waited until today. The real fun was that they had said it would be shut off "in the morning", but at 1:30 when it was still off, I called the maintenance number, and the woman who answered said it would be "the end of the day," but she didn't know from the water company if that meant 5 or the actual end of the day. =) Luckily, Jack and I had days off from everything, so we just sat at home; we melted snow to fill up the toilet and so we and our cat could have drinking water (not from the toilet, of course). It really was a joy to behold, let me tell you. I just now took a shower (it's 7:30 p.m.), and Jack is in there now... I felt ick. Now, we're going to do the last of our holiday shopping because we desperately need to get out of the apartment for a little while.




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