Okay, so I go five weeks without posting a thing, and suddenly, everyone is on my case about not updating... geez! I'm just kidding. It's nice to know that people have tried to check here to see how I am, even if I've been lax in posting new information. There isn't a whole lot of excitement, but here goes.

Jack and I told everyone before the wedding that we'd be able to see our wedding pics on the photographer's website, because that's what he told us... well, he was lying. Apparently, back in March when he told us this, he USED to do it, but he doesn't now because he couldn't get the pics to work. He gave us picture CDs, but his software is very strict and there's no way for us to download the pictures or put them on the web at all. This is perfectly understandable, because this guy took the pictures and is making money off of our willingness to buy them, but still... it's a little disappointing that you guys can't at least look at them to see if there's anything you'd want to order. Oh well. We put our order in by email about a week and a half ago, and we have no idea how long our photographer will take to get the prints to us. They're really fun, though... it was hard to narrow down the selection to something affordable!

Many MANY people have been asking how the grad school hunt/wait is going. I'm finally wrapping up my last two applications, to Temple and LSU (Baton Rouge). I'm sending out my last bit of paperwork to them tomorrow, and I'm planning on visiting LSU during my spring break in March. I'm excited, because I don't really know a lot about the individual people there, just the program itself... it should be a lot of fun, especially since it's the South!! In related news, I should hear from Yale in the next two weeks if they have something positive to tell me, and otherwise, it could be several more weeks after that. I have no idea what the timelines at the other schools are, but the people who got into Yale last year heard around this time.

Jack and I had a snow day today, partially due to the 22 or so inches of snow we've had since Sunday morning. 22 inches? I'm from North Carolina. We don't get 22 inches of snow in NC ever. It's been a crazy couple of days, since my friends Nicole and Lauren were in Baltimore visiting my friend Katherine, and they might both still be stranded there (Nicole was supposed to fly back to Tennessee tonight... I have no idea if the airline is even flying yet). There's nothing like having spontanaiety in your travel plans... anyway, the storm has been interesting, and we've watched a lot of the Weather Channel around here. I haven't been out of the apartment since Saturday night, so going back to class tomorrow should be good for my psyche; I'm going a tad stir-crazy.

In other news, Patti is being a very good cat and sleeping all day, except when I pick her up to pet her; then she runs away quickly to another location where I will not pick her up. I think I'm overdoing it... this is my problem with cats. Apparently, you can't just pick them up and expect them to be happy with you. You have to play hard to get. I'm not so good at that in any aspect of my life, so I think Patti should cut me a break every once in a while. Hmph.

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