Jack is doing the dishes, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the little people who made this night possible... just kidding. If you haven't read my update from Monday already, skip this one and read it first... it harbors good news!

Patti has been being very strange in the last few days. What a shock. Well, it's finally been warm enough to open windows, and she spotted a squirrel out the window a few days ago. Since then, she's been up on the sill and taking random sprints through the house for no apparent reason. Maybe she's going stir-crazy and I should take her outside again... hahahaha. Anyway, tomorrow I'll be going to German class and lab, and then when I get home, I'm repotting my gigantic plant. It should really be a hanging plant, since it has lots of creeping vines, but it's on a table right now. I fear that it will become like Granny's plant that took root in her carpet after a while. Ugh. I've never seen Little Shop of Horrors, but I can imagine it happening anyway. =) I'm not too sure why I felt compelled to make an update so quickly after the last one. I'm hoping to be adding more sections to my website soon, if I can convince my sweet husband to help me. We'll see. Read below if you haven't already!




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