Hum de dum... so we found an apartment in Baton Rouge... woohoo! We were down over the weekend with Jack's mom (Thanks, Ann!!!), and we looked at several places. The fun part is that Jack and I didn't actually see the place, but Ann did and helped us decide we wanted to be there. =) So we'll be moving into a place we haven't laid eyes on; how's that for spontanaeity? Anyway, the plan is to pick up the truck from Budget on Sunday, May 25, and hopefully we'll be able to pack and drive down there in a few days and move in on Thursday. We'll be going through Winston-Salem (spending Monday night there), so if anyone from there wants to hitch a ride and help us move in, we'd love it! I'll be going to the courthouse briefly on Tuesday morning to settle some estate things for my dad (tax refund from last year, etc.), and then we're hitting the road. Mapquest says it's about 14 hours from W-S to Baton Rouge, so I think we can do that in a day and a half!

I got my official offer from the school, so I'll be TAing with a 10-hour-per-week time commitment, in addition to my classes. I think that'll be enough to keep me busy, besides looking for a house on the weekends. =) Over the summer, though, I don't get paid anything, so I'll be looking for a full-time job. (My original plan was to take more German over the summer to help get me caught up on the language requirement, but they only offer one class and it's not one I want to take.) I have the job idea narrowed down to either a temp agency or Michael's, the craft store. =) I'm sure a temp agency would pay more, but Michael's would be really fun for a summer, so we'll see. Temp agencies might not want me anyway... who knows? If anyone randomly has a job contact for me or Jack in the Baton Rouge area, now is the time to tell us. He'll be transferring down to Waldenbooks there for the time being, which is nice because we'll get to keep our health insurance (Borders and Walden are owned by the same company). Things are good, but we're going to have a time getting everything packed up and moved down there. At least we don't have a piano yet. We do, however, have a cat who will hate the trip and complain loudly the entire time she's in the car, so we'll be investigating the option of tranquilizers for her. =)

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