One week until my birthday... la la la... and then I'll be OLD. 23. Wow.

Things are shaping up for the move... we reserved our "Budget" truck last night... I put Budget in quotes since it's not exactly cheap ($1400). But it's less than U-Haul, so we went with them. How ridiculous. Anyway, we're still waiting to hear about the apartment. We might be getting a first floor place, since one of the long-time residents from the first floor would like to move upstairs, but our future landlord doesn't have anything from them in writing yet. He said he should be able to make it work, though, which will save us lots of effort and hernias, not having to lift our sofa, dining room table, etc. up a staircase. We'll see. Jack talked to the GM at Waldenbooks again today, and she said she'll be putting him as a bookseller at the beginning, but she'll start training him immediately on being "head" bookseller, which he'll take over as soon as he's trained. Of course, we have no idea what a head bookseller does that's different from the rest of them, but he'll have more responsibility, possibly a key, and more money (we hope).

We started rearranging things last night in preparation for packing. We cleared off the dining room table completely, which was a big task, if you haven't seen it. See, we don't eat on it, because we only have one folding chair (the others are waiting to be constructed). So since the table is a flat, unused surface, it has accumulated magazines, craft items, books, my research notes for my Gershwin paper last semester, and all sorts of other odds and ends that are now put away, thank heavens! We also began to go through the boxes we never unpacked, mostly Daddy's stuff that we thought we should save, to try to sort it and decide what we didn't need, like the ten THOUSAND mysterious cables and computer parts that he saved for some reason. =) We found a few things that we'll probably put on Ebay... as long as we can get the shipping costs covered, I don't care how much we make, because if someone can actually use this stuff, I'm all for letting them have it! The apartment is more of an obstacle course than it's been, which is fun for our cat, and I suspect it'll be this way until we move. How exciting. I'm glad I have a few weeks after my classes are over to get stuff together and boxed up. We're going to a Phillies game on Wednesday, May 14, and they're playing my friends, the Diamondbacks. (I decided during the World Series in 2002 that the Diamondbacks were really cool, and then they won. I'm not a bandwagoner; I just know friendly people when I see them. So they're my friends.)

Okay, 'tis dinner time... leftover pizza and other various and sundry items from the fridge. Wish us luck.

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