We had a fun day today. =) Jack came with me to Temple, and after I got out of my one class, we had Philadelphia day. Yes, we live here, but we haven't spent much time at all visiting the actual sights in the city, and we decided there were some things we wanted to do before we moved. We were going to see the Philadelphia Art Museum (picture Rocky running up the steps out front), the Franklin Institute (mostly a science museum with lots of hands-on things), and Independence Hall. Unfortunately, because of timing, we only got to go to the museum, but it was really cool, and we didn't even see half of it. We decided against seeing the Degas exhibit that was there, since it was twice as much money to be admitted to both and our time there was finite, but we saw several of the other collections, and it is a neato place. We were both imagining it being full of just paintings, but they have all these sculptures and furniture and glasswork from back in the day, and they even have pieces of ceilings and rooms from Asia and Europe. We're going to go back and see the rest of it sometime before we leave. If you're in Philadelphia any time, you should definitely take half a day to see it if you're at all interested in history and pretty stuff from other places. =)

We walked back toward City Hall, which was a hike, and we decided to run inside the Verizon store before they closed for Jack to get a replacement antenna on his phone. He's broken it off twice now in his pocket, and lots of people I've seen with the same phone have had the same problem... luckily, Verizon will fix it for free. So then we sat in Starbucks for a while and had frappuccinos, since we had been walking a long way and were very tired from lugging around our museum purchases and my bookbag (with Jack's REALLY HUGE BOOK inside it too... he wanted something to read while I was in class, so he picked the largest book we own besides our dictionary). After the lovely Starbucks experience, we walked the last few blocks to the City Hall station where we had to pick up the trolley, and we went in some shops. (Chestnut Street is a huge shopping district with a wide range of quality... swanky banks next to the Dollar Tree, etc.) Jack finally found some new sneakers, which is VERY exciting... see, the ones he's had for a few years have a squeak that cannot be exorcised, so everyone who spends time around him comes to associate the squeak with him. It has been very helpful, as it has been impossible for him to sneak up on me... but now those days are over, because he found some new ones in a shoe store that was going out of business. =) We also went in a piano store, but the salesman was such a jerk that we left pretty quickly. He obviously didn't take us seriously, even though I told him I was looking to buy a piano within a year or so... whatever. Some people who work in sales need to get into their heads that people with bookbags who look young aren't automatically irresponsible or whatever it is they think we are. I get annoyed with that, even though it doesn't happen to me as much anymore. This guy was basically daring us to explain why we were even in a music store in the first place. Ugh. Anyway, we finally got back on the trolley and came home, just in time for me to make quiche and for us to enjoy a rousing new episode of The West Wing in which the Vice President resigned... SUCH a good show.

On the brighter (and darker) side, I'll be 23 tomorrow! I usually don't advertise my own birthday, but it's been an important year and I'm about to see a lot of changes in my life. Yay, getting old!

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