Well, things are shaping up for the move. Jack and I have actually been doing really well as far as packing and taking care of our last minute things before heading down to the land of Louisiana. If you would like our new address and I haven't already contacted you, email me and I'll give it to you if I think you're worthy. Hehehe. I got a couple of the emails back, so I may not have an updated address for you. Anyway, we're getting ready.

We took Patti to the vet yesterday... check out Jack's update for the full story on that. Overall, she was our best cat, except for an episode where the vet turned his back, she jumped off the table, and Jack and I stood there like bumps on a pickle watching to see where she would hide. We were a little slow... so the vet asked us to keep a hand on her after that. Hehehe. I was pleased to find out that we're doing most things right on our own, so we're effective parents. =) I also read some things in the waiting room about how to introduce a new cat to the old one, so when we get our next cat (probably a little while after we find a house), I'll know better what to do.

So I told everyone about A Mighty Wind and Best in Show... we borrowed Waiting for Guffman from a friend at work, and it was hilarious. I actually liked it more than I liked Best in Show (they're all directed by Christopher Guest). It's about an amateur theater troupe in a small town who are putting together a show for the town's sesquicentennial (150 years), and they find out that a theater critic from New York is coming to see it, so there's all this pressure on them. The thing is, they aren't very good, as you might imagine, and the director has all these stories about when he lived in New York, only he's so deluded about being talented that you know he was never famous in NY, either. Maybe my description doesn't make it sound all that funny, but I loved it. The humor in these movies is so subtle and just comes from nowhere, and it's fun to see all the same people playing completely different characters in each movie. Enough about that... one of these days, I'm going to make a review column on my website, and then you won't have to read this stuff when you're trying to find out news about me. =) Anyway, I'm writing from the Saturn waiting room again (oil change time), so I must go... they should be coming to get me soon so I can go back home and go through some more stuff. Woohoo!!

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