Well, the truck is all loaded. We threw everything in it yesterday, then drove to Lancaster last night to spend the night at Mom's. We got up this morning and put my day bed from Mom's on the truck, with a little bit of trouble... it took longer than expected, and Jack and Bill had to shift a whole bunch of stuff around before the bed parts would fit. Anyway, we got on the road, and now Jack and I are in Winston-Salem at Granny's house. We have some things to do in the morning, and Jack's mom is coming down to meet us, and we'll be hitting the road around noon. We've made a reservation already at a pet-friendly Days Inn in Oxford, AL, so that's as far as we're going tomorrow... it should be about six and a half hours of driving, leaving us with just over that much for Wednesday. I'm not so tired today, but boy, last night, I could barely move after hauling all our belongings around. It feels great to be out of Philadelphia, even though there are things I'll miss, like working at Borders and having so many things downtown to do, even though we didn't actually do any of them until the last month we were there. =) Now that we're gone, though, I'm much more excited about being in Louisiana... I was always excited about starting at LSU, but thinking about the rest of our life there and starting to build relationships, etc., will be lots of fun. I'm normally apprehensive about all that, so either I'm tired right now and not thinking straight, or perhaps I've grown up a little since the last time I had to make a life change.

I've been driving the truck, which is just fine with everyone involved, except that sooner or later, I'm going to get tired of the radio. =) The steering is a little loose, but it drives pretty well except for that. Patti's been doing pretty well (of course, I haven't been in the car with her; Jack's the one you should ask). We decided to go the first car day without tranquilizing her and see how it went, and she was pretty good except for the times the road was uneven. Most of the rest of the time, Jack said she slept or rolled around inside her carrier (voluntarily, that is, the way she flops around on the floor when she's bored... I was just rereading that, and it sounded as if she were perhaps being flung about the car). She's fine now, since she lived at Granny's for a short time before... she's been out to visit us several times tonight, and she'll probably jump up on the bed while we're sleeping. =) We'll see.

Moving is apparently zapping all my creative energy to be witty... the storyteller in me has fallen asleep. I'm going to talk to Granny for a bit and play with my cat, and then I'll hit the hay. Good night, all!

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