Doesn't everything feel a little nicer after you get a good haircut? I was in a bad mood driving back from LSU, because YET AGAIN the people in the Registrar's office wouldn't let me change my name in the system. I presented my update card from PA, which is what they give you if you don't want to pay $12 for a new driver's license, and since we were going to be moving within a couple of months, I just got this card. I'll be the first to admit that it doesn't look very official, but if airport security thought it was fine, then it works for me. However, the Registrar said that wasn't enough the first time I went, so I brought back a photocopy of my marriage license. I could have brought the real thing, but I didn't think it would be a problem, you know? Silly me. My social security card has my last name hyphenated, because they caught me off guard when I went to get a new card and that's what I put. (I'll be changing it once I have a court order done to drop "Lynn"... another story.) ANYWAY, you'd think that the combination of those three would be enough this time--I even had the same woman trying to help me--but no. She said, "Well, there's no one around here I can ask to see if this is okay..." She obviously wasn't going to help me, so I folded up all my things and left very quickly, all in a huff. I was fuming all the way to my car, and as I was driving home, I passed the place I got my hair cut when I was here for a visit in March, so I decided to stop, and I even got the same woman to cut it. She did a fabulous job, and I'm all excited, but I can't post the pictures I took of myself because our computer is stupid. Here's another story... apparently, the 3-day move was too much for our computer, because it's now having trouble recognizing hardware that we had used before, and it wants us to reinstall the software to be able to plug in our digital camera and have it work. Jack hasn't located the CD that came with the camera yet, so we're unable to upload pictures, and it's just a huge mess... so nobody gets to see me yet. =( Jack hasn't even seen me or called me, so if any of you are reading this before about 10:15 CDT, you're special and are finding out before my husband. Hehehe.

In other news, we are now the proud owners of an indoor (for now) citrus tree. I need to find out how big this tree is planning on getting, but I was told by the people at the nursery that it would be fine indoors for the next several months, and hopefully when this sucker is ready to be planted, we'll have a yard! It has one little green fruit on it, and it's very cute, but Patti has already attacked it once trying to remove the dirt from the pot... so we have another thing we get to teach her not to do. =) She's such good preparation for a baby, isn't she??

Speaking of yards and houses, I'm becoming an addict to HGTV. I just watched House Hunters today and saw a woman who'd been living in a huge apartment complex for several years find her dream house, only it was a townhome, which is what Jack and I are sort of thinking we might get. It was all very neat to watch, and I'll be watching this show more often, let me tell you. It'll be great to have tips on hunting besides what we're gleaning from books and Jack's mom, which is already a lot, but it's nice to see the process condensed into a half-hour cable show. =) We're in fairly constant contact with our realtor, and she just put together a new packet of things while we were out of town. Unfortunately, most of the listings we're finding are on the upper end of what we're willing to spend (some are even more), so it'll be interesting to see how nice they actually are. It'll also be interesting to see how much the bank will loan us, since our pre-approval process hasn't gotten off the ground yet. Now that we've been here for a while and are having pay stubs again, we should be able to get our stuff together and send it away. Jack and I need to light fires under each other (if such a thing is possible).

Oh, by the way, the trip to NC was awesome. We stayed with Emily in Atlanta on both trips, and we got to spend several days with Granny and Uncle Mark. I got to see all my friends at the wedding, and both the wedding and reception were great! Tucker and Don got married in our church and had basically the same ceremony we did, so it was nice to have a recap of it six months later since neither Jack nor I was really paying attention the first time through. =) I'll have to say that possibly the most fun I had the entire long weekend was Sunday afternoon at the mall with Nicole and Katherine... the four of us (Jack included) stood in Hallmark for about 45 minutes reading the Fresh Ink cards, laughing hysterically and passing them back and forth. If you're feeling down, grab a few people (they don't even have to be your friends) and go read these cards, because they're damn funny. Fresh Ink. That's the collection name. I had to buy a few for no one in particular just because they amused me so much. =)

Okay, I'm off to see if I can sign in to my email... I couldn't a few minutes ago, which is why I was inspired to come make an update. Ciao!

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