The move was a smashing success... thanks to all who have written to and called us wanting to know how it all went! We got here Wednesday evening around 6:30, met our landlord, signed the lease, and starting loading stuff in. We finished unloading the truck Thursday afternoon and took it back Friday morning, so it was a relief to have it out of our little parking lot and to be free from the responsibility of it. I ended up driving it the whole way, so go me! =) Jack's parents helped us with the move, and they left Thursday after dinner to spend a few days in New Orleans and then headed back to VA. Anyway, things here have been good for the most part; we did our mondo grocery trip yesterday, and we've finally got our furniture back together and are putting things away. Of course, we still haven't found our skillets, which meant that I made grilled cheese sandwiches in a 2-quart saucepan today, but things could be worse. =)

We have had lots of problems with the apartment so far... plumbing issues mainly, but also dirt where there shouldn't have been dirt when we were moving in... the landlord has done a lot to fix our concerns, like having someone come and clean the bathroom and fridge (he said "again," but I questioned whether they had been cleaned in the first place). We're still waiting on some of the plumbing things, and we're not even using the master bathroom because most of the bad things are in there (sink faucet won't shut off completely, bathtub drain backs up, etc.). It's been a really fun time, let me tell you. Luckily, he's shown that we can come to him with problems and he'll get people on it to fix them, but it would have been nice if everything actually worked and was clean when we signed the lease. So it goes. We rented The Wild Thornberrys and The Pianist from the local grocery store (much cheaper than Blockbuster), and both were really good! The Pianist was hard to watch in some places, but Adrien Brody is incredible and the story is excellent (makes me want to read the book it was based on). The Wild Thornberrys was just cute, and much better than most kids' movies (with a great soundtrack to boot).

In other news, I've gotten a new cell phone... woohoo! If you call my old number before June 22, my voicemail will let you know my new number, but I'm not using my old phone at all since I would rack up a heck of a lot of roaming charges down here. I decided to go with Cingular after visiting all the other places and looking at their disappointing coverage maps, and I got a really cute, fun phone that I've been programming numbers and voice commands into for the last 24 hours. =) We've already tried one new restaurant near our apartment called Izzo's Illegal Burrito--they specialize in huge burritos that Jack refers to as "a meal in your hand." There are all sorts of neat eateries and interesting places to explore, so it'll be lots of fun to start that! Jack starts work tomorrow at Waldenbooks, and I turned in two applications today, one at Hancock Fabrics and one at Michael's arts and crafts store. I'm also going to see if I can find some temp agencies online that would take me in and find something for me to do this summer, since they'd probably pay better and be more intellectually challenging than retail.

Patti won't say that she enjoyed the move, but she is alive and well and sleeping on all our furniture, so it can't have been all bad. We didn't end up using any of the tranquilizers; Jack said she would complain for a little while and then fall asleep until we hit a bumpy spot, but all in all she did pretty well. As you can imagine, there are more bugs here, but she has not yet proven herself as a huntress in our new apartment, at least not that we know about. We've mostly found dead bugs on the kitchen counter so far, which is much better than finding live ones, but she's not a counter cat, so she's not responsible... I can only assume that the thought of a cat is enough to drive them upside down to their dead positions. Who knows?

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