So Thursday is the big day for the Winston trip. We're spending Thursday night with our friend Emily from college (she lives in Atlanta, about 2/3 of the way from us to Winston), and then we'll be getting into town Friday afternoon. I'm quite excited, because Tucker's wedding, the Harry Potter 5 release party, and seeing Granny AND most of my friends are all in the same weekend!! We'll definitely be getting our HP5 at midnight at Borders, unless they're sold out, which would make me sad. If they sell out before we get a book, we're driving to Barnes and Noble, and then everywhere we have to go if necessary. =) I doubt I'll stay up all night reading it, but it'll be nice to have it to read for a little bit as I'm falling asleep, and since Jack reads slower than I do, he can read it on the trip back on Tuesday!

Baton Rouge is awesome. It would be hard for a city to come in behind Philly in the runnings, but BR has definitely stepped up and will be quite a nice home for us for the next several years. It's oppressively humid here, but that's only because we've had short, violent bursts of rain every day for the last several. It's been nothing like the East Coast though, just acute stormage (I just made up that term, in case anyone was wondering). We've only been here for 3 weeks, but we've already driven all over to explore and look at potential houses, and I even knew my way well enough to avoid stopped traffic (I guess it was a wreck) and find a different way home from work today! I was so proud. It helps that I've looked at maps frequently to figure out where things are... the layout gels in my head much quicker that way. The different path I took reminded me to go to the grocery store to get Jack a lunch for tomorrow, so that was a bonus. The baggers at Albertson's are funny. I went yesterday and had all my groceries, including a few small boxes, a canister of breadcrumbs, 4 cans of soup, 4 yogurts, and some other odds and ends all shoved into one bulging bag. I had to ask the guy to double bag it because I was sure it would burst before I got to the car! Today, I received two separate bags, one for Jack's two frozen dinners and one for my 10-ounce Frappuccino bottle. Consistency escapes them, apparently, and what's really strange is that I think it was the same guy. Maybe he recognized me and wanted to make up for yesterday. =)

Anyway, there's not much else to report, except that we got a 5x5 climate-controlled storage unit for our miscellany that wouldn't fit in our apartment, including Jack's futon that we no longer need for a guest bed now that we have my daybed from Mom's. We also have many MANY boxes of things we want to keep but that we don't need immediate access to, so some of them are already there with more on the way. I was relieved to get that stuff out of here, because now we can get to a semblance of order, at least for a little while. The house search is going well; we like our realtor, but we've only seen one house so far we were excited about, and it sold about two hours after we saw it. Oh well. Our price range is more of a hindrance right now than anything, I think. There will be more houses, and we have more months to look, so don't fret; we certainly aren't yet. Wish us luck on our trip; we're boarding Patti this time, so it should be smooth sailing, but you never know (especially now that I've said it'll be smooth... that was silly of me)!

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