Some of you will find this quite amusing, but I now have a summer job at Victoria's Secret. Laugh. It's actually really fun, even though I didn't enjoy it at first, and it's in the same mall Jack's working in. I started this past Saturday as a 2-week employee during the semi-annual sale, but I got the official word today that I can stay on for the summer, so that'll be cool. The girls I work with are fun, and the manager seems to have it together, which is an excellent quality in a boss!

In other news, Jack and I are getting excited about coming to Winston next weekend for my friend Tucker's wedding. I've known Tucker since 7th grade, and she's marrying a great guy who I liked immediately when I met him at my New Year's Eve party back in 2000. Yay for them! Jack and I will be in town for several days, and even though we have to board our cat, we're looking forward to the trip. Patti is actually doing really well, and I noticed today (I think) that she's finally starting to slim down a little. She's not got her girlish figure back by any means, but she's a little less droopy in the belly, even though she wakes us up at 6:30 demanding breakfast, and then she persistently tries to convince me throughout the day that it's time for dinner. She's worse than Daisy (my mom's dog, who's a real vacuum cleaner when it comes to anything edible.) Patti seems to be having an excellent time hunting all the new insects in the apartment (we're hoping the exterminators will be paying us a visit while we're out of town), and she's also discovered the joy of watching birds out the window. She's tried a few times to jump up on the windowsill, but she's apparently not gauging the distance very well because she often comes crashing back to the floor and landing in the bag full of donating clothes near the window. Then, her mean parents laugh at her, mostly because we can't help it and we want to get that out of our systems before our other children come along. Poor Patti. She has to deal with such trauma being the first child.

I officially passed my music theory diagnostic test at LSU, which is good... that means that, among other things, they made the right decision by offering me a place in the doctoral theory program... hehehe. It was good to get the test out of the way since I was already in town, so I'll just have to take the music history exam in the fall instead of both on the same day. I'm excited about the classes I'll get to take the first semester. There are two theory classes I need to take, and then I have a choice between early music notation and symphonic literature. I'm leaning toward taking the early music class, because I know much less about it and I think it'll be better to take that now. I also want to take another German class, since I just had German I this semester and loved it (German proficiency is also required for my program). I'll be teaching two freshman aural theory classes, one right after the other, in addition to the classes I'm taking. All the freshmen take theory together, in one huge smart classroom (that means it has a big computer hooked into a projector and a sound system and all sorts of gizmos professors can play with). They break out into individual aural skills sections on the days they don't have theory, and there are three of us teaching two sections each. I'll be getting a lot of guidance from the professor and working closely with the other TAs, so it's not like I'll be on my own, but it's still a little intimidating, especially since the first class is at 8:40 a.m. which is NOT the best time to have to sight-sing. At least I'll get to practice beforehand. =)

It's so nice to be on a path now, and the goal is that light pink Ph.D. hood with purple and gold lining (LSU's colors). I want a pink hood.

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