For those of you who knew that Jack and I had almost found a house... it's gone. The seller decided to take it off the market yesterday, catching us off-guard, as you might imagine since we were thiiiiiiissss close (a millimeter away) from settling on a price. Her boyfriend convinced her that it was silly for her to sell her house, because she's not moving back to Trinidad for TWO YEARS, and he thought she'd be wasting money and effort. So did we, once we found out she wasn't leaving the country for two more years. How strange that she even wanted to put her house up in the first place! Oh well. I was quite angry at first, but now things are looking up and we're going to visit several more houses on Friday afternoon. Our realtor came up with about 8 new listings for us, and since they all look promising, we're going to have another hunting trip with her to see if we can find something else good. =) All is not lost! There are plenty of new properties here all the time, so we'll be fine, and this will give us some more time to learn the process as well. Suzy (the realtor) and I went to see one house yesterday that was still in the middle of its remodeling, so I'd like to see it again after a week or so, whenever it actually has carpet and light fixtures and the promised new appliances! It could be a great find, but they're obviously not done yet, so we're going to hold off on it.

In other news, I joined the Society for Music Theory two days ago (see link to left), so I'm now officially a member of the premier organization of my field. How exciting. They have a listserv for all interested members, so I'll get to read about what things people are up to in their research, etc. Apparently (this is from my professors here), some interesting debates spark up from time to time, some not-so-interesting ones... but it will be fun to read nonetheless.

If there were anything else going on besides me selling underwear and measuring women's bra sizes and trying to get a sensor off a bra that a customer insisted on wearing out of the store (that was the highlight of my day today!), I'd tell you about it, but alas! My life is boring for the summer. At least I own a lot of bras now so I can vary my wardrobe underneath; otherwise, I would perish from the repetitiveness of it all. =)

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