Unfortunately, we're still in a state of negotiation about our flooring with the seller of this house. We've been back and forth about how much it would cost (he originally said it would be about $10,000 because he thought we wanted them to put down planks and finish them right there on the floor, but it's really closer to $3,000 for the engineered, peel and stick stuff we want). Anyway, it's been exciting, but it looks like we're reaching a compromise soon. What a mess. I'm still mad that the he signed the purchase agreement which clearly said "Purchasors will choose flooring" without bothering to find out what we wanted or to tell us that he had qualms about it. That seems like a stupid way of doing business to me, but maybe I'm alone here. We should get what we want eventually, even if we do end up splitting some of the costs with them (minus what he already would have spent on the laminate and carpet he was planning on installing before we came along). We'll see. Hopefully we can still be out of this apartment by the middle of October and I can get my little citrus tree and some new snapdragons planted (these are my first dreams for our yard).

Patti is pretty unimpressed with the whole idea of moving again, but I'm sure she'll settle down, especially once she figures out that we're not going anywhere else for a long time. We're thinking of getting a new cat sort of soon after we move, probably an older cat from a shelter. I'm a little apprehensive about the whole multi-pet-household idea, but plenty of people do it, and Patti is pretty resilient. We will love her just the same; we just have to convince her of that.

In other news, Jack and I have almost finished two of our four heretofore unfinished wood dining room chairs. We spent a lot of time on them yesterday and today, and all we have left for both is a second coat of polyurethane before we can glue them together and have real chairs! We don't know when we'll finish the next two chairs that we haven't taken out of their boxes yet, but it probably won't be in time for Mom's visit next week (she's staying the 7th through the 11th--yay!). I told Jack that he and Mom could have the new chairs during meals and I'd sit in my camping chair. It'll be great. We're planning on doing some New Orleans things since Mom is flying into and out of there instead of the tiny Baton Rouge airport, so if anyone has a fun suggestion of a thing to do or a place to eat there, it would be welcomed. Jack is buying the Lonely Planet guide for New Orleans at work, but personal testimonies will be accepted as well (and probably preferred). =)

Basically, I'm really looking forward to wrapping up this whole house thing, because I'm starting to get a little sick of our realtor. It's not anything against her personally, but she plays the whole "agent" game in everything she does and says to us, and I don't respond well to that over time. So it goes. Good evening!

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