We got the house! We got the house! We made an offer on the house in the process of being remodeled that I spoke about in my last update, the one that I wanted to see again once the work was done. Jack and I decided that if we wanted it, now was the time to act, and the owner seems very cool and ready to work with us. We offered him the asking price, BUT he's paying all our closing costs and the 1-year warranty, and he's going to put in hardwood floors instead of the carpet he was planning on (we're figuring about $3000 extra for that, and it was part of our offer that he pay the difference instead of us). We drew up the offer today and faxed it over at 2, and our realtor called us just before 6 to let us know that we had gotten it, so the seller was obviously excited as well! It has new paint, it will have new appliances and flooring (he's already put a nice ceramic tile in the kitchen), and he's fixing a bunch of other things that were wrong with it as well. The house was a bank repo when this owner bought it, and he never lived in it, just bought it to fix it up, which apparently he does often. We're going to meet with him Saturday to talk about flooring and other things just to make sure we're on the same page, but things look really good, and as long as the inspection goes well and he does everything he's promised to do, we'll have a house of our very own on September 15. =) Woohoo! It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a nice open living room/dining room area that flows into the kitchen (we like open floorplans), and it's on a corner lot. There's actually a fireplace in the living room, which is a great thing to have in Louisiana for the nights it gets below 50 degrees in the winter... hehehe. This is just too exciting. Woohoo! I fear that I'm going to ramble if I keep typing about it, but I can provide more details and such if anyone is interested in asking (just email me). Wish us luck. I'm going to go eat dinner now. Adieu!




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