I'm all oriented and ready to start classes on Monday--woohoo! I had a week of early mornings for meeting, tests, etc., and I'm happy to report that I passed the music history diagnostic test I was so worried about (and studied my BUTT off for). I've actually registered for five classes with plans to withdraw from one this first week. One that I want to take, Russian Piano Music (yay!), has a time of TBA since the professor has a lot of piano lessons to schedule, so if he decides to have it during a time I have a conflict, I'll be taking Symphonic Literature, which would also be lots of fun. So either way I'll be happy. My other courses are Theory Pedagogy, Editing Early Music, and Theory and Analysis of Tonal Music. I'm also TAing two classes of freshman aural skills; all the freshmen take an Intro to Music Studies course that teaches them theory, history, and how to be a music major in college, and then they break out into six sections (three TAs total) for drilling and extra practice doing listening/sightsinging skills. Luckily, the theory professor doesn't believe that written and aural theory are able to be completely separated, so I won't be solely responsible for teaching their little ears to do tricks. Whew. I was honestly a little worried about that.

The house is coming along slowly... I drove by today, and it looks like they've at least been there and moved stuff around, which is more than was happening the last several weeks. We've put down 50% of the cost of our new wood floors, and the seller is supposed to pay his part and pick the stuff, but he hasn't done it yet. Who knows why?? Not I. I have a feeling that it won't be done by the end of the month... call it a hunch. But we'll see. On a more positive note, my maternal grandparents gave us our Christmas present early; they bought us a lovely blue and white oriental-style rug for our living room, so it's sitting rolled up in its plastic, ready to be moved there and put down on the floor. We're very excited about it, because we saw it in a store and then I was able to find it much cheaper online (and with free shipping). Thanks, Mimi and Popop... we can't wait to use it!

Jack and I (perhaps a bit overzealously) rented five movies for five dollars for five days, and we need to watch two tonight so that we'll be done by Monday. =) We're watching This is Spinal Tap (the only Christopher Guest movie we haven't yet seen) and Courage Under Fire. We had a big dinner complete with twice-baked potatoes with It's a Dilly (see Plug of the Week), but my guess is that we'll be breaking out popcorn and leftover Rice Krispie treats sometime before the night is through. Oh, and there's a delightful child playing a one-note tin whistle outside; he or she has been out there for almost an hour blowing on this thing, so we may have a budding professional woodwind player right here in our little neighborhood. Or something. I really hope he or she cuts it out before too much longer, or my ears may burst. Good practice for when we have kids, right? Right.

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