Well, my mom is coming to visit tomorrow... wahoo! It's the first time I've ever gotten to host her for longer than a day, so it's quite exciting; she's staying from Thursday to next Monday. I have a whole list of little things for us to do, like swinging by our (almost) house, visiting LSU, shopping for vacuum cleaners... you know, all the exciting tasks of an aging married woman and her mother. Having her visit has afforded me an excellent excuse to do all the cleaning and putting away of things I've wanted to do for sometime. It's hard living somewhere for only a few months, since I definitely didn't want to unpack too much, but it frustrates me to be tripping constantly over boxes. We've taken more stuff to our storage unit and packed our closets to the gills, so luckily, she'll have room to maneuver and to sleep. She's not a big fan of heat and humidity, so that'll be interesting, seeing as how the average temperature here is, oh, about 117 in the morning and 154 by lunchtime, with about 237% humidity. Slight exaggeration, but not by much. And then there's the daily rainstorm, which, if it's longer than 45 minutes, cools off the city somewhat, but if it's brief, as it usually is, it only serves to turn Baton Rouge into a sauna. It's especially exciting to walk out of the mall at 5 p.m. into a sunny, steamy parking lot and to have to walk to your car like a mime fighting a strong wind because the air is so thick... anyway, you get my point. Come visit; it's great! What keeps pulling me through, besides the fact that I rarely spend more than 5 minutes outside at one time, is that in the winter, it'll be about 55 degrees every day, and if perchance it drops below freezing, classes will be canceled. =) I can't wait.

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