Okay, THIS has been a long week. I feel like I haven't slept at all, even though I've been in bed only a few hours later each night than I usually try to be. At least I have a weekend now, and Jack has tomorrow and Sunday off as well. Yay!

The lead story for today is that we closed on the house last night! You may be asking yourself, "Did I know they were closing this soon?" The answer to that is probably not. We didn't know we were closing this soon either. The seller has dragged his feet on every step of this process and has consistently been behind schedule. We had the inspection this Tuesday, and the inspector told Jack some disturbing news about the A/C unit in the attic (i.e. it was about a step away from leaking into the entire house). However, the seller was dead set on closing anyway, leading us to be very frustrated at the prospect of not getting the A/C issue resolved before we closed. After a near-fight yesterday (our realtor thankfully helped defuse the situation with her diplomatic ways), we mutually decided to place some of the money into an escrow account, and when he finishes the repairs (by the end of next week), he'll get the rest of his money. He also hasn't gotten our stove in yet because the space for it between the cabinets is an unconventional size, and that's supposed to come in Monday, so it was also added to the list of things the escrow money will cover if he fails to do what we need him to do. It wasn't a pretty day--Jack felt the brunt of it since I couldn't leave LSU until 4--but we're all closed and can go ahead and put stuff in our new house! I think we're going to plant my little Washington Navel tree this weekend. It's been in a pot in our living room for about two months waiting patiently for a yard, so it'll be nice to get it where it needs to be to survive! We're also going to clean out our storage unit and put everything in the house, so we won't have to keep paying rent for that. We will, however, continue to pay rent here at the apartment through November, so we'll have plenty of opportunities to make sure it's nice and clean by the time our lease runs up!

School remains fabulous. I have a list of about eight time-consuming bits of homework to do this weekend, but that's how it goes. I just finished grading homework papers from my little freshbabies, so that's one thing to cross off the list. =) I also have to study for a listening exam Monday in my Symphony class, so that will involve several hours with my ears between a headset in the library reviewing the characteristics of each movement of the 14 symphonies we've studied so far. Don't be jealous. It'll all get done someday.

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