Well, it's a fabulous day here in sunny Baton Rouge. Yesterday it finally cooled off, so we're enjoying nice sunny weather that's not too hot, for a change. Believe me, it's a nice change! So the weather is incredible, and I'm stuck in the library trying to listen to music that I can't access. Bleh. LSU has this great system called Semester Book that lets professors post listening examples, notes, reading assignments, etc., for any student enrolled in his or her class, and it's a great idea, when it works. Unfortunately, now is not one of those times that it's working. Now I get to decide whether I want to stick around here for a few hours in hopes that it'll get back online, or just go home and come back here tomorrow. I wish I could access this stuff from home, but I haven't yet been able to. I'm told that dialup is too slow for the music to play correctly anyway, but it'd be nice not to have to truck out here on a Saturday when I could do homework at HOME. But that's a different issue. Now that I'm here, I'd settle for being able to listen to this music, but I don't think I'm going to get to do that. Bleh, I say again. If only I had all these symphonies on CD, my life would be easier, but then I would be in debt up to my eyebrows. What to do, what to do? La la la... there are scores I can look at, but I was hoping I'd get to look at them as I listened to the music, not as a substitute for listening.

Anyway, things are good otherwise. The seller of our house has finally been able to pick up the wood for our floors, so he and his people are doing that today and possibly tomorrow. Our closing will probably have to be pushed back at least a week since we can't schedule the inspection to happen until after they're done. They've actually done most of the other things... they finished the flooring in the bathrooms, the kitchen, and the tile in the entryway, and they've bought our new lighting fixtures. We don't know how much of the other things they've done, like getting the new appliances, painting the closets, and fixing the fence (it was in BAD shape), but we'll see. Our landlord has made it pretty clear that he's not going to let us out of our lease a month early, so we'll have the apartment until the end of November, whether we're still living there or not. We knew he didn't have any obligation to let us out early since there's no provision for breaking the lease, but we wanted to ask and see if he'd cut us a break. Apparently he won't. He got all snotty with Jack in his email, explaining how he'd have to charge us for extra advertising they'd have to do to find a new tenant and all sorts of other crap that seemed a bit over the top. He suggested that we could find someone who'd sign a new lease with him starting the end of October, but there is not a person I've met so far in Baton Rouge on whom I'd wish this apartment. THEN, he had the nerve to suggest that perhaps we'd like to look into leasing one of his single-family homes, as if we'd EVER want to give him more of our money (not to mention the fact that the condition in which he presented this apartment to us was less than desirable). I don't think he understands that we want to buy a house so we can stop paying rent that goes nowhere. Whatever. We'll have to do a final walk-through with him to make sure there aren't any things wrong with the apartment that weren't wrong when we moved in (I laugh), so unless he starts outright lying about the condition the place was in (and we have pictures to back up history in that case), we should at least be able to cease contact with him at the end of November. He's not a good landlord, and that concludes my rant for now.

Well, there's someone else in the library who's in a few of my classes (and he's one of my fellow TAs from the freshman class), and he's just as frustrated as I am with the lack of accessible homework. =) At least we can commiserate. There are other things I can do here while I wait for the system to find itself, so I'm going to go do them now and try again periodically. Wish me luck. For the last time, bleh.

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