Ooh, so much going on, so little sleep... this shall be the trend for the next five years.

First of all, I just got back from a fantastic weekend in Clarksville, TN, with my best buds (we all convened since we were able to work out vacations and cheap airfares at the same time). We shopped, we cooked good food, we met Nicole's little friends, and we played a great game of Cranium in which Katherine and I swept the floor with everyone else. Hahaha!! However, since I was having so much fun all weekend, I didn't work on homework, so I was up until 1:30 this morning finishing things for today. I had a presentation in my Theory Pedagogy class; each of us has to prepare a lecture on an assigned theory topic to teach to the rest of the class as if they were undergraduates, so mine was Secondary Dominants (a fun type of chord) and I kicked butt. There were things I did wrong, and I knew them as they were happening, like failing to calculate how long groupwork would take and therefore having to cut out some things at the end... but all was well, and my professor told me I got the first A out of the 6 or 7 people who've gone so far already! How fun. He emailed me with that and a list of the comments he had said in the post-lecture class discussion, and I forwarded it to my mom so she could print it out and put it on the fridge [not that she'll really do that]. =) I don't think I had much schoolwork put on the fridge when I was little, but I was very proud of this since I had worked hard. I even taught my lesson to Jack last night to practice, and since he's only had a semester of music theory, he had just enough preparation to follow what I was saying even though he was learning it for the first time. The problem with practicing on graduate students is that they already know most of this stuff quite well, so they've forgotten what questions to ask when they're pretending like they don't know it! My classmates still did a good job of challenging me, and my professor assumed the guise of a problem student, which was more fun than it sounds.

I'm so tired. I had such a long day with the two classes I teach, then my presentation, then another class right after that, all in a building whose first floor has lost its ability to condition the air (the A/C is broken, but thankfully my office is nice and cool by contrast). I was sweating like something that sweats a lot (I can't think of an animal right now), so I was relieved that Tuesday is my short day and I got to come home at 2! Nobody knows how long the building will be like this, but the classrooms are stifling, and the professors are livid (we can't go anywhere else because we'd have to tote pianos with us and they don't fit through doorways or go down steps very well). Fun times. I'm going to go listen to public radio and see if I can convince my cat to come sit with me on the bed for a little while, but it shouldn't take me long at all to fall asleep. I desperately need sleep!

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