Whoops, I forgot a few things. First of all, I've been reading emails for the last 20 minutes, and some of you wrote me weeks ago and I'm just reading it now. I'm so SORRY! The SMT email list got all up-in-arms about Plagiarism, so they cluttered up my inbox, and some emails I wanted to read got lost among the flooding. I'm getting to them, slowly but surely, so hang in there if you're on pins and needles waiting for a reply.

Second, today marks two weeks that my car has been in the body shop having his roof replaced. Sometime before I left for the conference last week, they called to say that they had to bill my insurance company for more money that didn't get included in the original estimate, and I haven't heard a peep from them since then. I did have to go there the day after I dropped off my car to retrieve my hanging parking pass from my mirror, and I saw my skeleton car with no windshield and only the frame of the roof. There was all sorts of clutter and debris sitting inside it, and it was so traumatic to see my blue baby with major parts missing! As long as they put him all back together and vacuum him before returning him to me, I'll be fine, but it would be nice to have my car sometime before THANKSGIVING! Good grief. Speaking of Thanksgiving, the weather has finally turned fall-like here, which is a lovely change. I might actually get to wear a coat sometime soon!

Third and finally, I dyed my hair last night back to its original color (or close, anyway). I had put in highlights that were interesting but very bright, so once they started growing out and looking dumb I got annoyed. I bought a new package of nice brown haircolor and fixed my hair last night, so I'm happy. =) Okay, read on for the rest of my news... two updates in one day is a rare treat!

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