The format of this blog is a local newscast. Picture me narrating each story with a clear and authoritative speaking voice, looking down briefly at my notes, then looking back up into a different camera (occasionally picking the wrong one at first) with a new icon behind my head for each new story.

Our top story tonight: Classes are done. There is rioting in the streets. Actually, I have one class tomorrow, but it's the freshman lecture I TA for, so I don't have to do anything except take attendance. =) LSU has a fabulous policy that no major assignments can be due during the last week of classes. This means that I've had a very slow and relatively boring week (except for teaching), but I do have two projects due next week on the days the exams for those classes would have been. One is due Monday, and one is due Friday, and I also have an exam on each of those days (in my other two classes). Fun fun. The Friday project won't be hard, but the Friday exam will, and vice versa... Monday's exam will be a breeze, but the Monday project is a rather big undertaking that I've barely begun.

In Christmas news, I just made some fun Christmas gift bags last night. I also hung up a string of colored lights in our front window; it looks sort of ghetto from the outside, but I like it anyway. We're going to get our tree next Saturday after all my finals are done, and we'll have a whole evening to decorate it and get our cat acclimated to the idea of having a live tree in her living room. I'm hoping she doesn't just think of it as a fun new toy, especially once we get the ornaments on it!

Commercial break
Drink Dr. Pepper because I do.

In apartment news, the danged thing isn't our responsibility any more, which is certainly a cause for rejoicing if I ever heard one. I spent about 4 hours total on Saturday and Sunday getting it cleared out and cleaned (with a little help from my dutiful husband), and around 2 p.m. on Sunday I locked the door and drove away!! Our landlord hasn't been to check it as far as we know, because Jack has called him several times, but he knows we're out of there. We just need to give him our keys so we can get our deposit back! =)

Weather report
It's warmer here than where you are, unless you're Amy in Florida.

In house news, Mom and Bill decided that for Christmas, they'd pay for us to make a fun trip to Lowe's and get vinyl-coated wire shelving for our closets, so Jack and I went there Tuesday and got everything we needed. The guy who came (after about 15 minutes of paging) to cut our shelves to the length we needed was sort of in a bad mood about having to do it, and he cut most of them a few centimeters too long. After we got home and realized this fact, Jack went back to Lowe's to get a hacksaw so we could trim them to the lengths they needed to be. We put up the shelf in our office closet (i.e., the third bedroom), but we haven't had a chance to do more and it's really a two-person job.

Commercial break
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King comes out December 17th. I've already bought my ticket. Where's yours?

Sports news
Okay, I honestly couldn't care much less about sports, except that LSU is playing one of the Georgias (I forget which one) in the SEC championship on Saturday! Many of my students are in Tiger Band, so they're leaving at 8 a.m. tomorrow and missing the exam review session. They'll have fun, but many of them are quite tired, so their performance could be spotty at best. Yes, we all know the band is more important than the football team anyway; that's why we who are in the know call it a marching band concert.

In travel news, Jack and I drove to Atlanta for a VERY fun Thanksgiving last weekend. The unexpected highlight for me, besides spending fun time with his family and all the joy that comes from eating too much food, was learning how to play Mah-jong from two of his aunt and uncle's friends! What a cool game that is.

In a related story, Jack and I will be flying to Lancaster on Christmas morning (6 a.m.!). We were rather surprised to hear from his boss that he can have off the 25th through the 30th, so we'll actually get to see each other on our anniversary. I'm staying until January 2nd. The reason this is related, besides the obvious holiday segue, is that we've conned my mom into driving us to Philadelphia one day so we can visit our old Borders compatriots and go to Chinatown to find a Mah-jong set! At that point, I will teach everyone to play. Jack was playing chess (what a nerd) with his sister's boyfriend, John, so he missed Mah-jong. =)

That's our broadcast. Tune in next time for news about Patti (if there is any), the Christmas tree (if we have one yet), and how my exams and projects are going (assuming they're actually going somewhere).

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