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Wow, what a fun day I'm having! Students don't usually say that in middle of finals week, but that's okay; I'm special. I had a really good exam this morning in my analysis class. This is the one that I thought would be SO easy based on what the professor had said, but I was delighted to find that he changed his mind a bit about the format of it and I was challenged!! Woohoo!!! I've been hoping and waiting patiently for a challenge in my theory coursework, and here it was. I was really excited. Yes, I'm strange. But this means that I'm going to learn lots of things in graduate school instead of moving at a snail's pace as I had started to fear.

The other fun part of my day has been working on my project for Theory Pedagogy. We had to design an undergraduate theory curriculum (i.e. the theory courses required of all music majors at a fictitious school--we designed all the parameters), and we had to write course descriptions of all the theory classes we would offer (I have 13), plus syllabi for each class in our required core (that meant 6 for me). I had so much fun figuring out what elements I wanted to combine from all my music theory experiences in high school, at Queens, and at Temple. I'm really proud of my project, and it just finished printing, so now I get to drive back to school and turn it in. It's due at 5, so I've got a whole 2 hours to spare! This is a good thing, considering I didn't start typing anything until yesterday. I had given it a lot of thought beforehand, though, so it went fairly quickly once I started. One of the professor's goals for this project, besides an obvious and effective way to tie up the semester, was so that we'd have something to show potential employers when we apply for theory jobs. Of course, I'm probably one of the only people in the class who will be applying to teach theory; most of the other people are performers, but I'm sure some of them will have to teach theory at some point. Nobody else really likes it, but somebody has to teach it, and there just aren't enough theorists to go around! Anyway, it was such fun to come up with my ideal theory curriculum and throw in all the things I like about teaching it. If I ever do get a job where the school wants me to revamp their program, I'm ready!!

The other fun part of my day is that my friend Jeannette is coming to spend the night tonight. She lives in New Orleans, so she has a fairly long commute (just over an hour), and she decided that rather than drive here to study today, drive home, then drive back in the morning for an exam, she'd crash here. She'll be our first non-family houseguest, and consequently, Jack and I have been consolidating boxes and trying our best to straighten our mess, most of which hasn't been unpacked yet.

On that note, we've been working more on our shelves; we've now put up three of the six (office, shoe closet, and linen closet), so some things have already been stored. It's very exciting. It'll be even better when we do our elaborate walk-in closet in our bedroom, because we're adding a shelf on top all the way around and little shelves at the back for shoes, etc. We may actually have a floor in there, which would just be shocking.

Okay, much as I would love to continue rambling about my day, I must go so I can turn in my lovely theory curriculum and syllabi. Have a good week, everybody!

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