Jack had a good birthday and I'm sick of the rain

Jack had a good birthday on Thursday. I'm sick of the rain.

I came home around 1 p.m. on Jack's birthday, and he had the day off, so I baked a German chocolate cake from scratch (my first scratch cake ever!) and made him good Indian stuff for dinner. He also got to open all his presents, which consisted of a few shirts from the Bass outlet, a Snickers almond candy bar that I let him eat for breakfast, a cookbook from the Moosehead restaurant (some fun vegetarian place in California that has a whole series of cookbooks), and a CD by the Subdudes (Jack didn't know their music but I heard one of their songs and it appealed to me for him). As Jack's spokesperson on my website, I'll report that he had a lovely day and is happy to be 25.

It's seriously been raining here for about a week and a half nonstop. This experience has cured me of all desires to live in Seattle. Thursday and Friday were rainy for about half the day, but it's back on now. Tomorrow is supposed to be "partly cloudy", and then next Wednesday is the next time we'll see some actual sun. My little herbs aren't flourishing because there hasn't been any light coming through the window!!

I had a flaky day on Wednesday... I woke up and realized I had forgotten to read an article for my Verdi seminar, so I knew I needed to go the library when I got to school and read the article during the freshman theory class. Once I got about halfway to school, I realized I had forgotten my lunch, so I was going to call Jeannette (who's been staying with us a couple of nights a week so she doesn't have to commute from New Orleans every single day), because I knew she hadn't left the house yet. However, I reached into my bookbag for my cell phone and it wasn't there, so my lunch stayed in the fridge at home all day long. When I was in the library, I ran my tongue across my teeth and realized I had forgotten to brush them before leaving the house; luckily, I at least had a toothbrush in my bookbag so I could take care of that problem. I felt rather ridiculous and nutty in both of my classes because my day had gotten off to such a weird start. After my classes, I went to Wendy's for lunch so I could bring food back and still sit in packed-lunch club, but I made the crucial error of ordering chicken fingers and waited about 15 minutes for them to be ready. I think they had to pluck the chickens or something... sheesh. I finally made it to lunch time as everyone else was finishing eating, but that was okay because we usually sit around for a while talking. I was so out of it at that point from having stood in Wendy's ruminating on my serious of minor misfortunes that I ended up being rather violent toward my paper bag and incurring the laughter of my Swiss prof, who had known my troubles throughout the day and was somewhat amused by the whole situation. Another prof suggested that perhaps it was something like seasonal affective disorder since we hadn't seen the sun for roughly a week at that point. Until he said it, I hadn't really thought too hard about the rain, but after that, it just started to piss me off. Luckily, I received a consensus from my professors that I should cancel my office hours and just go home, so I did.

Anyway, my other days this week weren't so bad, and I'm much better now; I always feel better after I've been to the gym. Even though I don't have anything like a regular workout schedule during the week, I've been going every Saturday morning when they open at 10 (this is how you know it's a college facility) because it's not very busy and it's a good way to start a productive weekend. I'm intimidated by all the people who use the elliptical-stairmaster-type things, because I can't last more than about 10 minutes on those, so I'm sticking to my exercise bike and riding about 7 miles each time (then using various weight equipment for the rest of the time). It's fun, especially when I remember to bring my CD player so I don't have to watch whatever random channel they've set the nearest TV to. Last week it was a western movie from the 70s starring Jack Palance, and this week it was Fox News.... ugh!! Those freaky Republican types just bother me, especially when they get on the subject of the economy, and it's a real downer to work out to that.

I have a paper proposal due in my Verdi seminar on Monday, and I'm going to do some sort of Shakespeare study about his Macbeth opera compared to the original Shakespeare (and the translation he and his librettist were working from). I have no idea what the paper will actually be like, but it's supposed to include original thought on my part, rather than just a compilation of other people's research. I need to hit the library later today to bulk up my collection of sources. I've found a couple of great articles so far and am waiting for the inter-library loan people to send me a dissertation that sounds extremely helpful just from its title, but I still need to have 10 sources for this proposal. Despite the fact that I don't really know how this is going to shape up, I'm extremely excited about it, since this will be the first time I get to write a real paper about English stuff and music stuff. Our few in-class discussions about Macbeth and an article we read on the subject got all my Shakespeare juices flowing, even though I was obviously the only one in the class who cared so much. I was born to write this paper!! Mwa ha ha haaaaaa! Okay, research time. Pray for sunshine for us.

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