No more phone

Okay, our landline is officially gone now, so don't try to call our home phone number anymore. You can reach me on my cell phone or Jack on his, so if you need one or both of those numbers, email me!

Things are shaping up, at least a little, in my confusing class. I can't explain it, except that I've started to realize that what turned me off initially, the inconsistencies in the theory, are actually normal and hotly debated in theory circles. Once I realized that it wasn't one specific goal I was trying to achieve with each graph, I began to relax. Conversely, I'm now somewhat sick; Jack and I both woke up with a bunch of crud in our throats this morning, so we might be coming down with something, or we might just be hyper-allergic in this season of renewed humidity and festive blooming. Time will tell. I tried to drink OJ this morning but my throat just felt gross afterward, so I'll continue the vitamins and see if I can get rid of this! I slept poorly last night because I kept having to force myself to swallow. I also had the continuous urge to spit, but I didn't have the energy to get up. Yes, it was a fabulous night.

We did have a fun day yesterday; I got away from school around noon and Jack had the day off, so we went out to the Olive Garden for lunch and then rented School of Rock (see Plug of the "week" to the left). My original plan was for us to see a movie in the theater, but I didn't feel like seeing a horrific display of disturbing behavior (in Monster or Mystic River), nor was I in the mood for an epic (Cold Mountain), even though I do want to see each of these movies eventually. The only thing playing that I really did want to see was Girl with a Pearl Earring, but we had missed the first showing and it wasn't showing again until after 6, which is when we'd have to pay full price for a ticket. Yuck. I wasn't in the mood for that either, so we went to Blockbuster instead! This summer, we're going to follow Steve's (Lauren's boyfriend's) lead and try Netflix for a month; summer is better, because then I'll have time to watch enough movies to get our money's worth out of joining! Until then, we frequent Blockbuster. Ho hum.

It's been quite humid all week, leading me to wonder why I've bothered to straighten my hair four out of the five mornings I went to school. As soon as I spent a minute outside, it was back to poofy/frizzy, so I've ended up pulling it back! It's so nice that it's starting to be long, but I definitely don't enjoy it when it's wavy and annoyingly big. This weekend, I'll be straightening the house in preparation for Mom/Bill and Mimi/Popop's visit next week, which is going to be such fun once I figure out activities for us. I think I mentioned before that we'll be going to New Orleans on Thursday and eating at Emeril's restaurant, but other than that, we have no plans thus far, except that they'll probably want to come see my office and stuff at LSU. I can just see myself leading the troop all around campus. =) Actually, I haven't been all around campus, so I'd get lost; that's shaping up to be a bad idea. I'll at least take them to my building and my coffee shop, which are really the two most important buildings I live in besides the library.

I really have no way to end this post that will make sense.

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