The paper is going well well well

This weekend was ALL VERDI, ALL THE TIME, but I'm in a really good place on my paper. (See Plug of the "Week" for more detail.) I've never ever been this relaxed three days before a paper was due, and it's all because I got my butt in gear, was organized while I was taking notes, and so was able to sit down Saturday afternoon and write 18 pages in a day and a half. I'm up to 23 now (hey, that's my age!) not counting my bibliography, and now I'm just looking for a way to wrap it all up. (Aren't we all?) Anyway, conclusions have never been my strength, since they usually come out pithy or don't end up concluding anything at all. Yuck.

I'm about to go make a quick dinner so I can get back to school in time for a recital given by several of my pianist acquaintances. A bassoon acquaintance was supposed to give her recital tomorrow, but it got cancelled and I don't know why, so I'm bummed. She's great, and I was really looking forward to hearing some bassoon, since it's one of the instruments I don't get to hear as soloist very often and I really love the whole sound of it. Such is life. Wow, this is a short blog.

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