Sputnik and Me

I'm sitting in Highland Coffees right now enjoying my Royal Mint iced tea (or herbal infusion) typing on Sputnik, my laptop (it's a Toshiba Satellite, but it's really old... get it?). I've just been perusing the blogs of friends who have gotten lost in the shuffle while I've been suffocating in Verdi, but now I've finished my paper. =) It's SUCH a nice feeling. I have two whole days to revise it! This is a first for me... I don't remember ever finishing a paper before the eleventh hour (actually, it was the ninth hour last semester on Tchaikovsky, but still...), so this represents a new phase in my life that I'm interested in making permanent. Down with procrastination! I still procrastinated a bit, but having extra time at the end to take a step back from the paper and then fix it is fabulous.

Looking back at the title I casually slapped down when I started to write this, I realized that Sputnik has seen me through all sorts of interesting stuff. I got it as a high-school graduation present (I told you it was old), so it made the move to college with me, watched me change majors from music therapy to music/English, get engaged, start our domain, lose my dad, get rejected from grad school, move to Philly and take classes at Temple, and then move to LSU and begin life as a real music scholar. I used it to write all my best poems and papers, from the Nun's Priest's Tale paper in my Chaucer class, to the Rhapsody in Blue paper, to Tchaikovsky's Sixth, and now Macbeth. Gee, now I'm starting to get teary. =) It's so old that it has a little blob in the middle between "G," "H," and "B" for the mouse instead of a touch screen. All the green foam wore off of it about three years ago, so now it's this bare black button that makes an indentation in my finger if I use it for a long time. It's very slow--too slow, in fact, to play games on Yahoo!--but I'll be sad when it dies and I have to get a new one. Sniff. I wasn't even this attached to the Blue Mobile, my bright blue 1981 Honda Accord hatchback that I drove in college. =) I was in a coffee house earlier this year, and some woman came up to me laughing and asked "How OLD is that thing?" It makes me unique. I'm the only person in this coffee house without a Power Book or a Dell laptop, and mine is twice the size and weight of everyone else's! Ha! It's the equivalent of driving Bertha, the Blue Buick Bomber (the car Bill had when he and my mom first started dating) while everyone around you has little Corollas and Mustang convertibles.

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