Am I qualified?

Well, that's the question, isn't it? I think I am, now that I seem to have passed my doctoral qualifying exam. I say "seem" because one prof and I talked over it right after I took it, and he said everything looked fine, but there are other professors who have to give it the green light as well. I don't think it'll be a problem. There are, however, many things I need to learn that I didn't know too much about. In addition to one pedagogy question and two pieces to analyze, which went okay, they gave me 14 identifications, and I had to pick 10, which was fine except that I couldn't have even fudged my way through the four I didn't pick! Regardless of that, I feel better now that I've taken it and my adrenaline level can return to something close to normal. Phew. What a week!

Happily, I have only two exams now. The first is my post-tonal theory exam on Monday, which should be easy enough, but then, on Thursday, there's SCHENKER (screams, loud music, flashing lights)!! AARRRRRRGGGH! Okay, perhaps not as dramatic as all that... but still, I'm apprehensive, because it's an exam, and I can be if I want. So there. This has not been among my better classes, but I actually have to learn the subject matter eventually; it's not just a matter of finishing the class. Luckily, I get to take it again the next time it's offered (this time for my M.M., next time is for my Ph.D.).

We still do not have Celia (thank you to those who have inquired), but hopefully, we'll be getting a call from her foster mom any time now... if she hasn't called by Sunday, I think I'm going to give her a call and just check to see how things are coming along (since we're waiting for her to hit 3 pounds... tiny tiny!). I want my kitten. She's so soft and adorable, and I will have tons of free time this next week (and the several weeks after that) to play with and love her! To fill up some of this free time, I just signed up for a 2-week trial of Netflix, the online DVD rental place. The first thing we should be getting is the first season of 24 (yes Lisa, spread the word to Joel!), so that should be really cool to watch! I queued up a few more movies for us to get, since they send us the next ones on our list as soon as we send the first ones back... and we'll try to watch them quickly so we can run through as many as possible to get our money's worth. Well, actually, the trial is free, so we'll be getting our free's worth.

Okay, I'm off to watch the Friends finale, since I was studying for my exam last night and taped it instead of taking two hours away from studying. Looking back, I made the right decision, but I have to go watch it now that Jack's home. He just told me something really funny about some baby names, so I'll have to make sure that wasn't a giant hoax from his co-workers. Hehehe.

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