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She's being spayed tomorrow!!! Woohoo!!!

I'm actually on hold with the vet right now trying to figure out what time we can pick her up, so I'm typing with one hand. Yay. I have to call Jack at work. We were starting to think it would be a long time before we'd see our newest family member, but lo and behold, she will be home tomorrow. =) Pictures will appear as soon as we can take them! SKO!




What does "SKO" mean?

Hooray for Celia!!!
Ah yes, someone who didn't go to a high school with a football team... hehehe. At least I think you didn't have one. "SKO" is what cheerleaders say when they mean "Let's go" except they don't have enough time to say it, so they say "Sko" over and over, e.g., "Sko, Tabor, Sko!" (We went to Mt. Tabor High School). "SKO!" has been taken over by my friends and me as a word of encouragement or congratulations in any setting.
Hahah, isn't it funny, E, how we forget that not everyone knows what "sko" means?! That and saying "Dun duunn dunnnnnn" at suspensful moments. ;-) I'm very happy you finally have the kitty, she is BEAUTIMUS!
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