Concert frustration

I've been waiting for years to take Jack to a Barenaked Ladies concert, because he likes their music, but to understand and appreciate them fully, he needs the concert experience. They don't usually come anywhere near us, which isn't changing any time in the near future. I'm particularly upset now, though, because they're touring with Alanis Morissette, whose new CD I just got and LOVE, and they'll be in Philly a week before I'm planning on visiting Lancaster. I can't go a week earlier, because Mom and Bill will still be visiting family in New England. BNL will be in Atlanta a week earlier, and I briefly entertained thoughts of driving the 8 hours to be there, but it's on a Thursday night, and I wouldn't want to put Jack in the position of having to ask for so many days off in August (he'll already be taking at least three for the Lancaster visit). It would be silly to go by myself, because I've already seen them in concert four times. Growl. Maybe he'll never see them in concert. Hey, maybe in twenty years, they will have broken up but will do a reunion concert somewhere near us. =)




Well that's rude. Sounds like Matchbox Twenty last summer, they were everywhere I was either a week in either direction. And I've about lost hope that they'll tour again this summer. I wonder if BNL are anywhere that is somewhat of a midpoint between me and you.. that would be a fun, random road trip...
hang around Louisiana long enough, and they'll probably come through New Orleans. Everybody I would want to see has been here. I just haven't been able to afford it. *sigh* Like Santana AND Dave Brubeck at JazzFest within 2 hours of each other. Argh.
:-( That's sad. For such a loyal fan like yourself, BNL should make a special tour appearance in Baton Rouge! I saw the BNL/Alanis tour schedule too, and they're going to be in Pittsburgh July 18. I think Steve and I are going to go! I sent Katherine an e-mail to see if she and Hay wanted to go too, but she never responded. Maybe she'll see this comment and remember! ;-) It would have been cool if we could have gone to the Philly one together, the 6 of us! We had some conflict with that date....either Steve's PhD graduation or his moving to Philly, yes that might have been it. That *could* work, but we thought we'd be too exhausted from moving (and possibly painting) his new apt, that a concert wouldn't be any fun. In any case, YAY to BNL concerts! :-)
Wow, I'm jealous that you're going to Pittsburg to see them! Hmph. I know they'll come around eventually. =)
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