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Celia cracks me up. She gets very interested when I sit here and type, I guess because it's a lot of fast movement coupled with clicking noises. She likes to get on the keyboard tray, so I've gotten to the point where I push it under the desk just so I don't have to deal with her "typing" on whatever I'm trying to do. Usually, she ends up saying something like wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwruio111111111111. However, I was just typing an email to Katherine, and when Celia walked across the keyboard, she managed to send the email mid-sentence, then she hit Ctrl-O and try to open a file called "ng1". I'm not making this up. I of course had to send another email to Katherine explaining why I (Celia) had sent the email unfinished, and it was particularly funny since I had just told her Celia said "hi." Apparently, Celia wanted to nip that sort of behavior in the bud. Don't ask me how she learned to do all that. =) We'd better watch out... she might change our passwords and buy things on Amazon while we're gone. She's too cute. I'm still laughing, and she's looking at me like "What??"




I love fun kitten stories! Cooper (my new kitten) hasn't discovered the joys of keyboards yet, but Morpheus used to do very similar things when he was younger. Usually the keyboard was an incidental thing that happened when he was trying to get closer to the screen to watch the mouse pointer move around. Has Celia discovered the computer screen yet? That's always fun to watch too!!
YES! Celia started chasing the mouse pointer just last night. =) I didn't know you got a new kitten... how fun! Does she keep you awake at night like Celia is doing to us?
Huckle will probably be texting y'all later tonight.
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