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It occurred to me that perhaps my dear readers are unfamiliar with the idea of making comments on a blog. At the bottom of each post, next to the date and time, there's a link that right now says "0 comments." Click there, and you'll be magically transported to a screen where you can enter your name if you wish, plus a comment. Lots of you write emails to me about things I've said in my blog, so now you can share you thoughts with the world instead of just with me! Be interactive, and I'll try to reply to what's said in the comments as well. I'm very excited. Please make me happy. =)




TA DA!!! Not only am I the first to post a comment on Erica's updates, I also somewhat accidentally created a blog. I was just trying to create a username so I could post here, but it started taking me through the process of making a blogspot for myself. I figured, what the heck.

ANYWAY, Erica, I hear you on being frustrated when you don't know what's playing on classical music stations. The worst is when they come back on the air after a piece but DON'T tell you what it was! asdfasdfhjshfadj!!!! (for those of you who don't know, that blur of letters was a way of expressing frustration in typed form. Try it. Feels cathartic doesn't it??) My proposed solution to this is the use of subliminal messages. All of a sudden, it would just occur to you what piece is playing, though you'd have no recollection of consciously hearing someone say the composer and title, thus it would not disturb your listening pleasure. However, that's also a bit Big Brotherish, so I wouldn't really like to see that happen!

OK, ending comment. Nice feature, E! :-)
Hey, do you realize that you have to have a blogger account in order to post comments? I had to sign up for one. You know, there's a lot of free comment software out there that you can plug into your blogger code.

At any rate, though. I don't mind having another blog (it's my 4th) just so that I can post comments on your blog. I'm SO glad you have comment capabilities now. You better check them lots, or you'll be inundated with me!! Hahahaaaaaa....

I just finished my Med music survey final. Phew. Now the big hurdle: Latin. THEN Schenker. Ugh. one awful thing after the next. Well, more later.
I made a comment. But blogger ate it.
Alright, I think we (Jack) fixed it, so now you shouldn't have to be a Blogger user to post a comment. If they do make you sign up, it's not the end of the world, but I'd rather not make you. Let me know if it's still a problem.
Hooray for comments. Although now I don't know if I have to be a blogger user in order to make them, since I already went through the process of becoming one.

Ya'll need movable type.

I like your new "about me" feature.
Jeannette, you must be bored. =) No, I know how often you throw yourself into the blogosphere, and especially given your recent trip out of town, I understand the need to check everything several times a day. I didn't really mean that you specifically should tell me whether it worked... I sort of wanted to elicit comments if any other people had trouble posting their first comment. But thanks for letting me know that you're still in a conundrum...hehehe. Unfortunately, Doteasy doesn't let us use moveable type unless we pay them a significant amount of money for "ultra-hosting", so we must, sadly, subsist without it for now. =)
Since I haven't set up a blog, I'll be the first to post an "Anonymous" comment. If you can read this, you know that it worked. However, I think anonymity is for the spineless, so I'm signing my name.

I like your "About Me" section, too. You could add one of MY favorite "flies" quotes (from Kermit the Frog): "Time's fun when you're having flies."

The Preview shows me that line-breaks aren't preserved, but it won't accept HTML tags -- that stinks! How's a person supposed to give the appearance of being literate if she can't break her post into paragraphs where appropriate?

-- Debbie (Erica's mom)
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