We have air!

Oh my goodness, I love air conditioning. It feels sooooo good in here now. The A/C guys just left. They were here for about five hours to replace all our stuff, check the ductwork, etc., and as it turns out, some of our vents weren't even connected to the A/C before anyway!

Patti hid under the bed the whole time and I shut Celia in the bathroom. The guys kept leaving the back door open when they were bringing stuff in and out, so I figured it was safer just to put her away.

This is all very exciting. Of course, it means we're a bit further in debt, but our house will be liveable! Jack will be extra excited when he gets home from work this evening and it's cooler inside than outside! We were surviving as it was, but I know we couldn't have gone much longer, since it's already in the 90s most days and promises to get hotter. Now we can even cook during the day without fear of suffocating in the kitchen. =)




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