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Yesterday was such a good day! Jeannette and Chris came over from New Orleans and we had Harry Potter day; we made lunch, watched the first two HP movies on DVD (with a watermelon break in between), made dinner, then went to see the new HP movie at 8 p.m. Not only did we have a really fun time hanging out, playing with the kittens, and spazzing a little bit before the new movie about how excited we were, but ALSO I got to appreciate the third movie even more after just having seen the first two. The third book is a bit more serious anyway, but the movie has a new director, and he made all the difference in the world. There were a lot of cheesy points in the first two movies that irritated me, mostly when they felt like they were only appealing to little kids, but this third one had none of those. The three main characters looked and acted more like regular kids than like kids in a movie all about the wonders of the wizard world... they were the second thing too, of course, but it didn't feel like we were being beaten over the head with it. The novelty of the wizard motif seems to have worn off enough that they can now concentrate on the plot, which is the really great part of it anyway. It's funny to see how much all the teen actors aged and grew from the second to the third movies, because only a summer has passed in movie time, but several years have gone by in real time! Anyway, we really enjoyed the movie, and unlike the first two, which I liked mostly because they were all I had, this one is actually well-made and impressive on its own. One moment I particularly enjoyed was during some time traveling that Harry and Hermione do; they're hiding in the woods watching themselves do something, and she says, "Is that really what my hair looks like from the back?" I don't remember that being in the book, but it was a nice addition, because it's SUCH a teenaged-girl thing to say. It cracked me up.

After the movie, we gave Jeannette and Chris directions back out to the interstate and walked over to Barnes & Noble. One of Jack's friends who used to work at Waldenbooks is at B&N part-time now, so he wanted to see if she was around. I got a coffee drink and he visited with her a little (she was excited for him about his new job), and since they were about to close, we moved on down the street to Starbucks to see if his former assistant manager was there. She used to be an assistant manager at Starbucks too, and we thought she still was; she had actually quit but was still hanging out there, so it was lucky that we ran into her! She and her partner had just gotten there and were having a cup of coffee outside, so we toted our frappuccino that we had bought at the other Starbucks (inside B&N) and sat outside with them. They wouldn't ever be our best friends or anything, but they're cute together, fun to hang out with, and have lots of funny pet stories.

In other news, I woke up this morning after a series of weird dreams and suddenly felt awful. I was convinced for about twenty minutes that I had contracted some bizarre African disease and was about to die. I was cold and sweaty in a really disturbing way, but my temperature according to the thermometer was 97.5, and I felt woozy and stomach-achey. Luckily, it passed after just a little while, but it was the most severe strange feeling I can remember ever having besides the first time I had a migraine. Anyway, I'm fine now except for having a bit of a headache, but it was so weird. I wanted to share.

Celia continues to be cute and rambunctious, and she's still trying to bring Patti forcibly out of her shell. There's still hissing and swatting, but less of it. One thing that pleased me was seeing Patti try to sniff Celia's butt a few times, because that means she's at least interested in getting to know her. Contrast that with two weeks ago, when the main feeling from Patti seemed to be, "Get away from me, you weird little fuzz ball." So we're making progress. =) Chris and Jeannette had fun playing with Celia yesterday, and at one point, Chris even curled up on the floor and tried to show Celia how to play most effectively with her little fish on a string; he was batting it around and being crazy, so that was fun to watch! Celia mostly napped through the movies, and Patti came through for pets a few times to let us know she was around. We've put Patti on a new super-duper diet food from the vet, hoping that at long last, we can get her to shed some weight so she'll be healthier. We're supposed to give her 3/4 cup a day, whereas she was only eating 1/2 cup of the other food, and she had been on the other measurement for so long that we're having trouble getting her to eat enough of this. The vet told me that she has to eat a lot, because it's a really low-calorie food; apparently she'll have all sorts of liver trouble if she doesn't get enough nutrition, because cats' bodies don't know how to process fat without processing ALL of it at once. We're working on that, and we're supposed to bring her back to the vet in a couple of weeks to have her weighed officially and see whether it's working. Celia isn't supposed to eat much of this food, because kittens need a lot more nutrition, so we're trying to keep her away from it (with moderate success). Anyway, cross your fingers for Patti. She's been overweight for at least a year and a half, and we've tried many different light and weight-management foods before this, so I hope this will be the one that works to get her slimmed down a little.

I usually end my posts very abruptly because I can't think of good concluding sentences, and this one will be no different.

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Blogger is stupid....I couldn't log in! ANYWAYS, I am super jealous that you got to see the third HP movie already! I can't wait to see it! =) I'm impressed that Patti is not eating kitten food. It's a lot a higher in fat and protien, and lots tastier for it. Bella gained a lot of weight sneaking bits of Carly's kitten food. Rotten kitties! =) --Tucker
Yes, we were surprised by that as well. Celia has gotten a wet head today from trying to eat Patti's food (and consequently being punished), but we haven't had any problems with Patti trying to eat her food. She's probably so turned off by Celia in general that anything that smells like her is bad news. =)
I saw the third HP movie today and while I of course loved it, I was kind of annoyed because so much fun stuff from the book had been cut out. There were several things that I understood completely because I've read the books, but I wasn't sure how well other people (who hadn't read the books) would be able to. Like the importance of the Hogsmead trips and how upset Harry was that he couldn't go. Anyway, I guess I was just spoiled by how closely the first two movies stayed to the books and this one chose to cut "insignificant" stuff out - like Quiddich. :-( I agree with you though, the tone of the movie was a lot better than the first two. Now we have to wait until fall 2005 for the next one!!
Fun! I love your idea of watching the first 2 HP movies and then going to see the third. I might have to adopt that idea. I did that with the Matrix, except I watched only #2 and went to see #3 thirty minutes later, which was especially good since #2 cuts off so abruptly! Now that I'm back in State College (read my blog for the latest! http://laurenjm.blogspot.com for others who don't know it), I'll definitely make time for it after laundry, mail, bills, and planting my first annual garden! ta ta for now! :-)
Your first annual garden, Lauren? Sounds exciting. =)

Yeah, Amy, I get upset when they cut things too, like the explanation of Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs... that would be confusing, and it doesn't even mention the whole part about his dad being the stag! The movie was great overall, though, and I got over the disappointment of things being cut in Lord of the Rings, so I suppose I can survive this as well. =)
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Amy, I agree that some things that were apparent because of having read the books weren't emphasized enough in the movie. I thought the second movie didn't play much on the whole "Am I in the right house?" crisis that Harry was having as well. I did like the setting being more fleshed out; there were lots of good details put in that hadn't appeared before.

I was disappointed with Michael Gambon as Dumbledore. It is understandable that he would want to play some aspects of the character differently but he completely abandoned the understated persona that worked so well in the first two movies. While I read Dumbledore more like the current actor is playing him, I really enjoyed Richard Harris' take on the part, and I think when I get around to rereading the books the Dumbledore from the first two movies will be the one I'm seeing on the page.

At any rate...
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