Let us all have a moment of silence for the three mouses who died senseless deaths in my office this weekend.

Thank you.

I came back from the library on Friday afternoon to find a mouse sitting on my office floor looking up at me as if to say, "Hey, you came back! What's up?" Touched as I was by its friendliness, I'm not a big fan of things unexpectedly running across my toes. After some phone calls from the secretary to the pest control people on campus, a guy showed up with a broom to take care of it. By that time, I had been keeping an eye on the mouse, and two of its family members had come out of hiding to share the warmth of the laptop charger. I waited in a different room as the pest control guy managed to beat one of them with a broom, and the other two got away (presumably a mom and a baby, from what he said) and probably went inside the piano. Taking refuge inside a musical instrument...we should all be so lucky. Anyway, he put glue traps down for them, and so when I came into my office this morning, there were two sad mouse corpses lying motionless on the glue. I HATE that they had to die that way; I had thought he might catch them, put them in a cage, and rehabilitate them down by the Mighty Mississippi or something, but no. They were slaughtered, and I hold myself responsible. What a way to start a week. I will remember them fondly, those small heroes, those foragers of banana remnants, those grey fuzzy blobs of mousiness. May they find more peace and forgiveness in heaven than I was able to give them here on earth. Amen.




:-( That's so sad. I don't know which is a worse death, being beaten by a broom, or dying in glue. Mice may be bad, but dead mice aren't any better in my opinion. [shudder] When I was about 14, there were mice in my house (the one on Linda Circle, where we lived when I was in HS). Once morning, we found one that had drowned in the dishwater in the sink. My parents finally got fed up put poison out for them. I was horrified--by the drowned one and by the poison! I collected all of the poison, put it in plastic bags and threw it away. Our mouse problem didn't get any better, obviously. I didn't want to encounter a dead mouse though, or kill it merely because it's scattering around minding its own mouse business! Traps are much better, I agree. I hope they stay away so there's not another traumatic series of events!
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