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My friend Katherine emailed me a web page that endeavors to sell one of the most obscure, least-called-for products I've ever seen, the Octodog Frankfurter Converter. When I went to their page, I noticed their line that this is "fun, simple, and safer," which begs the question, "Safer than what?!" Click on their links for "So What's an Octodog?" and "So How Does It Work?" Perhaps it's innovative, but perhaps it is just another example that some ideas are best left in our heads rather than made manifest for profit. As I said in my reply to Katherine, I can see it being a big hit with strange little kids who like to eat things that look like undersea creatures. Other than that, keep those things the hell away from me. =)




Those were my thoughts too. It just looked wrong, and who the hell wants to pretend they're eating an octopus? They're gross enough on their own... and it just looked FREAKSIH!!! who ever created this thing is one very disturbed person!!
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