Did you ever hear the following expression, regarding a certain place? "If you don't like the weather in _____________, wait five minutes and it'll change." Southern Louisiana fills in that blank quite aptly. I've told people this before, but today I have a concrete example. I had two errands to run on campus before I tutored this afternoon; one was in the School of Music, which is across the street from my building, and the other was in the building across the other street (we're on a corner). As I was leaving my building to go the School of Music, it began to thunder and the sky darkened. Roughly two minutes later, as I was coming out of the School of Music, I looked up and saw a few water droplets. By the time I got across the corner to the other building for a snack, a downpour had ensued. I was slightly miffed that I had chosen to leave my umbrella in my car today, knowing Louisiana weather as I do, but I figured I'd just have to get wet. I couldn't sit in that building all afternoon, because I had to tutor in fifteen minutes. Anyway, I bought a drink and a candy bar (it was, by this time, that sort of afternoon), and I decided to wait a few minutes to see if the rain would subside. I stood outside under the awning, watching the torrential rain, and within two minutes the rain had subsided. Though there was still thunder and lightning, the rain could hardly be classified as more than a drizzle. I was able to walk back to my building at a leisurely pace without fear of drowning; in fact, I barely got wetter than I had been. So in the span of five to seven minutes, we went from clear skies, to dark grey skies with angry rain pellets, and back to drizzle. This place cracks me up.




Heheh. I hear ya. It was like that in TN, especially in the summer. Seemed like every afternoon we'd have a huge storm, sometimes lasting only 5-10 mins, and then it'd be hotter and sunnier than before. Weather is funny like that. I wish it'd do that here; I'm sick of all these rainy, cloudy days!!
That's crazy weather! Here, it just drizzles all day and sometimes I wish that it would just get it over with, already! I like to think that, if personified, storms like the one you described would be the weird scene of a person having an intense outburst of screaming loudly and stomping around, and then in a snap, back to chilling on the couch. Funny image. :-) I don't know how you do it with the heat down there. I lounged outside in the sun and read articles for an hour and a half this afternoon, then had to come in because "it was too hot." In State College PA right now, it's probably the equivalent of your March weather. I would die in Louisiana during the summer, though the bonus is that I would get tomatoes in my garden much sooner. :-) You are a stronger woman than I am!
Lauren, I thought I'd die too at first, but it's really not so bad. I'd have trouble if I had to walk around outside all day, but luckily I don't have to do that. I manage to have A/C everywhere I go. I love your image of the storm personified; that's how I was thinking of it too! It's probably more healthy than storing it up and getting all emotionally constipated, which the east coast seems to be in comparison. Hehehe.
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