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Well, to start off my post, I must share the exciting news I received in my email inbox this morning. Joanna, my older step-sister, is pregnant!! She emailed around a picture of her sonogram to break the news, so I got to see her little peanut-shaped fetus that will soon be my niece or nephew. Their "best guess" for a due date is St. Patrick's Day 2005, so people in NC can expect me to be making a trip sometime in the late spring or early summer. How exciting!! I emailed Jack at work to tell him, and his response was, "Oh good, now I can be a step-uncle-in-law ;)."

In other news, I've been a bit of a bum for the last few days. On Sunday, I went through ALL my arts and crafts supplies and made myself a little compartmentalized cardboard box with Jack's help. Things are now somewhat sorted, but more importantly, I know what I have, and I found some of my unfinished (and unbegun) craft projects. I had bought a cross-stitch pattern book of flower borders that I thought were really cool and some little towels with aida cloth on them (to make embroidered towels), so on Monday and Tuesday, I made a towel with hibiscuses. It's very cute. I'm going to take it with me to Lancaster, because I can never make french knots and I need my mommy to help me with that. =) I also plan to make one with dogwoods and one with orange blossoms. My current project, however, isn't making a craft, but it involves wrapping all my different colors of embroidery floss around little cards for easy storage, since the skeins they come in are fine until they get knotty and tangled. This way, they will be all neat and easy to find in a box.

The other thing I'm working on is cleaning the living room/dining room area before I leave town so that the cat sitter doesn't trip over something and break her neck. We're very excited to have someone come look after the kitties instead of boxing them up, taking them to the vet, and paying yucky amounts of money to board them. We had decided that once we had more than one (making boarding twice as expensive), we'd look into getting a cat sitter, and one of the women who works at our vet does tons of pet sitting on the side. She's a vet student at LSU too, so I feel good about leaving her in charge. She'll probably come over for about an hour a day to check their food and water, give Celia her anti-ringworm medicine, and play with them a bit. The playing will be especially important for Celia so that she doesn't take out all her nervous energy on Patti. We used to leave Patti without incident for two or two and a half days at a time, but (1) this is a longer period of time (three and a half days), and (2) Celia added into the equation means an exponentially higher potential for trouble. =) ["Who, me??" she says.]

I leave for Lancaster before daybreak on Saturday, and I'll actually be hanging out with Katherine and her boyfriend's family in Baltimore on Saturday, because they're having a party that's sort of like a May fest (but their last name is Hay, so it's called HayFest). Nicole, Becca, and Tucker are arriving at BWI around 9 p.m. on Saturday, so we're picking them up, going back to the party for a bit, and then heading to PA. I'll get to Lancaster late Saturday night, or perhaps very early Sunday morning. I'm looking forward to seeing my grandparents and other relatives who will be in town for a few days, almost all my friends from home, and Jack's mom, who will be joining us Wednesday around the same time Jack flies in. I'm also highly interested in watching parts of the Olympics (I think I mentioned this before), since the last summer Olympics were in March during a particularly hectic semester, so I didn't have time to watch much. I have yet to find out when canoeing and kayaking will be on, so I need to check on that. For some reason, I really enjoy watching it, probably because it's one of the few Olympic sports that takes place in the "wild," and I love the idea that they have to scout out rivers in the area to find one with the right kind of rapids for the competition. They can't just build one like a tennis court or a track. This is nature, man. Well, I suppose they could build a river or at least reroute one if they really wanted to, but hopefully they don't do that. Anyway, I also love canoeing, and it's just fun to watch professionals.

After two days of doing not much of anything, I am now going to take a shower and go meet my sweet husband for lunch. We're going to a yummy Chinese buffet place near his former work venue. We will blow raspberries in the general direction of Waldenbooks in hopes that his general manager is there today. =)

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Jeannette here:

Congratulations on organizing art supplies (groan...beads).

On what channel are the Olympics!? I can't seem to find them anywhere, and we have an TV antenna! Bummer. Have they already started? I love watching the opening ceremony with all the flags and cheesy music.
Congratulations to Joanna & her husband on the baby-to-be! Are you going to go by Aunt E or Aunt Erica? I guess Aunt E might sound like "auntie," and that may conjure up images of an old woman in a flowery dress, big hat, and orthopedic shoes. There are new babies in my family too, one who is 3 weeks old and one who is due any day now. The babies are both the children of my second cousins (who are, themselves, the sons of my mom's cousin Patty), making the new babies my second cousins once-removed, I think, because it's between generations. (My children will be their third cousins.) It's all very complicated, not to mention adding in-laws, step-families, etc! My grandmother always says, "why are we removing people from the family? It's all just family." In any case, congratulations to the Carter family!
Aunt E? Lauren, are you serious? I think you're the only who enjoys truncating everyone's name. =) No, I'll be Aunt Erica (I could be Step-Aunt Erica, but I think that's silly).

Jeannette, the Olympics are on all the NBC stations (NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Bravo, and USA). Supposedly they're having 24-hour coverage, so canoeing and fencing and stuff like that may be on at 3 a.m. =) Anyway, the opening ceremony is Friday evening at 7 p.m. Central, and things get underway on Saturday. Incidentally, did you know they're running the Marathon from the actual town of Marathon to Athens?? I thought that was so cool, recreating history and all that.
Hmmm, that's strange. Although I admit that I do love pet names and nicknames for loved ones, I thought it was YOU who started signing your e-mails as "E." This was in sharp contrast to how I refer to most others by their initials (e.g. NH, KM, etc).
LOL. Well, yes, E is my signature, but not a nickname. Somehow, in my mind, there's a difference, though I can understand that it might not have appeared that way. Sorry to have come out sounding so indignant before. =)
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