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We're having TWO hurricane days off from school: tomorrow and Thursday. Huzzah. This is the closest thing I'll ever come to a snow day in Louisiana, I think, so I'll take it. Ivan isn't supposed to come too near. We'll probably get wind and rain, but it's barely glancing New Orleans, and we're farther west and inland than they are. New Orleans has almost shut down, though; Jeannette and Chris are staying with one of our professors in town since they wanted to get out of their city. New Orleans is between the gulf and a lake, so the "surge" is the thing to watch out for. Hopefully, everyone will be fine, and Jeannette will use her days off to get out of paper debt, and I'll have some quality reading-and-getting-ahead-on-homework time. I may even pick a Schubert song to write my final analysis paper on... wouldn't that be something? A paper topic three weeks into the semester! Anyway, I hope everyone is reasonably out of the path of all the storms, and I'll keep you updated on our status. I just hope Jack doesn't have to go to work tomorrow. Then we can be lazy pajama married people and have pancakes in the morning, since that's the best thing to do on a snow day. =)

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