Hurray for Fall!

Alright, this week has been close enough to Fall that I've decided I can refer to the season for real. It was almost chilly yesterday, and it got down to nearly 40 degrees last night! Woohoo! I love crispness, even when it's sunny like it was today. It makes me feel quite happy and school-moody. And the cats and I have enjoyed having the windows open; I because of said crispness, they because of all the fun things to see and listen to outside. Celia is downright confused at why the birds are so loud, but they both like to sit in the windowsills and watch stuff.

Jack's parents are coming this weekend, so we're really excited. We'd be happier if they were going to stay past Monday morning, but I understand that they have lives and work. Ann is in Oklahoma or Kansas right now visiting family, and she'll be bringing us a family china cabinet in their truck since her sister got a new china cabinet to go with her new house! Her sister actually bought it in North Carolina when Jack and I got married (almost two years ago), and Ann and Ron kept it at their house until she was ready for it. Ron, on the other hand, is driving his motorcycle all the way from Virginia. We mapquested the journey, and it said that the shortest route was 890-some miles. If he can do a journey of 1000 miles or more in 24 hours or less, he can have it certified (by whom, I have NO idea) as an Iron Butt ride. So he might be altering his route or starting from higher up in Virginia. In any case, he won't be arriving until Sunday morning, and then he'll be able to toss his motorcycle in the back of their truck for the drive back on Monday. Crazy, right?

In preparation for their visit, we took the other half of the pumpkin cheesecake out of the freezer this afternoon because, with Jeannette's help, we went through the first half this week. Mmmmm. It's SO good. By the way, the recipe I used is from recipegoldmine.com, so feel free to try it yourself. I substituted ginger snaps for the graham cracker crust, and it complements the flavor of all the spices in the cheesecake so well! Heed my warning about buying ginger snaps that are too snappy, however. Don't be a hero. Use a food processor instead of brute force.

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