It FINALLY feels like Christmas

Since we didn't get a tree or really do any decorating this year, I was having a hard time feeling the holiday spirit. Jack at least had holiday parties at work, but I've been at home for the last week doing not much of anything. Yesterday, the temperature outside got up to the low 70s, so that hasn't exactly helped. However, our box of things from Amazon arrived yesterday, at long last, and I was able to put everyone's present together. Jack wrapped up some things, despite his slight present-wrapping deficiency (thin paper is his nemesis), and we tried our best to keep all the ribbons and tissue away from the cats. We listened to holiday music on the radio, and it was a really nice evening.

This morning, I had plans to go to New Orleans to visit Jeannette and meet her younger sister and brother who are in town for Christmas, but I had an onslaught of snot in the night and am stuffed up and feeling a bit frumpy. I'm sitting on the sofa wrapped in a blanket, and it would be a fairly miserable morning if I had not just finished watching a delightful movie, Eloise at Christmastime. Apparently, there are Eloise films adapted from books that I've never heard of, and from the commercials, I thought the character was supposed to be a bit of a brat. However, I decided to watch the movie, and I'm so glad I did. The girl who played Eloise was charming, and though it's obviously made to be appropriate for kids, I thought it was a great movie. Very touching, very Christmasy, but with just the right amount of mischief. So despite my stuffy head, I'm feeling rather joyful, and I want it to be tomorrow afternoon so we can skip town and get on with the process of sharing the holiday with family and friends who live on the east coast.

Happy Holidays to all my faithful readers (and even those who aren't so faithful)!

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