Lessons from cats

Now that the semester is over and I managed to squeak by with three As, I'm enjoying being at home and finishing up Christmas presents. I went to the library a few days ago and picked up a few things I had requested through interlibrary loan, books and a dissertation having to do with Schubert and Goethe. I haven't looked at them in detail, but at least two of them seem like they'll have some good things for me to look over.

Staying at home has given me the chance to spend time with my cats, which has had its ups and downs. Patti has been great lately, especially when she sits on our laps and gets up in the bed at night, since she used to be sort of hands-off when it came to physical contact. It's been a nice change. Being home in the morning has also given me the opportunity to observe Celia at her most playful. This is not working out well for me. She goes after anything she thinks might be fun to chew on, including house plants I'd like to preserve and tissue paper from presents I've been wrapping. She's basically a menace for those few hours each day, causing me to ponder what she does the mornings we're not home. I've begun to get used to tooth marks in the house plants, but she's starting to chew on the African violet, and that's making me more mad than I ought to be. Having her behave this way, frustrating though it may be, is teaching me how to cat-proof a house, and I think it's preparing me well for having kids eventually, since we won't be able to keep anything pristine when that happens. It's all just stuff, and it doesn't cancel out all the moments of having a purring cat sleep on my chest.

She peed on the sofa again Monday, and I poured the anti-cat-smell stuff into the sofa, then turned it on its back so that I could let the stuff soak into the back of the sofa too. It's pretty funny, because we've left the sofa like that so it can air out, rendering it virtually useless to us as a piece of furniture but creating a new playground for the cats. They're having a good time sleeping on the back, and they've been running across all the lines of the sofa, enjoying the new angles. They don't know it, but they're getting a new scratching post with carpeted levels for Christmas. I think it'll go over well. =)




You actually liked holiday spice pepsi?? I was desperate for caffine during finals week and the Wake shop had completely run out of pepsi and diet pepsi, so I grabbed the "holiday spice" variety out of desperation. It was.....odd. And it leaves you with a very strange after taste. That won't go away. Oh well, perhaps it had been sitting around for a while. And that tends to happen a lot at Wake.
Yeah, I loved it! But I realize it's not a universally acceptable flavor. Sorry you didn't like it, but at least there are plenty of other caffeine drinks you like! =)
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