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Just to give everyone a current example of my Grammar Nazism, here is the following anecdote:

Yesterday morning, I was listening to NPR, and our local station was doing a news break. LSU got a new football coach a few weeks ago, and I had heard his name before but apparently had never really been listening. The woman on the radio said his name, Les Miles, and my immediate thought was, "No, it should be Fewer Miles! His name is grammatically incorrect!"

Okay, it was funny to me.

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I thought it was funny, and I'm sure that Carole will, too. (Mom)
Ok....so here is an interesting moment. I actually thought French when I was supposed to think English. I thought his last name was Les Miles, like Les Mis. It's Baton Rouge everything is French down there. And I'm trying to pronounce "fewer" with a French accent to get the joke. I'm not laughing, well besides the ridiculous French accent (that's funny)...I don't get it. I read the comments and the only one is from your Mom, well ok she'd get a French joke and Carole too whoever that is. How elitest of Erica to put a French joke on her blog! At least put a disclaimer on the thing, "Katherine you won't get this move on." So then I'm trying to rack my brain for the title of that French card game, maybe there's a hint in the miles part....

.....ohhhhhhh LESS Miles. ohhhhhh ha
What, KATHERINE actually thought about French?? Sacré-bleu!!

Yes, I realized that it looked like the plural of "miles" in French after I typed it, but I decided not to cloud the joke with extra commentary.

You're freakin' hilarious, though. I miss you and your run-on personality. =)
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