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Since I got a request from Ann a few posts ago, I'm posting a picture of the thus-far-unfinished baby quilt for my incipient nephew:

The quilt is about three feet square, even though the batting extends past the edge for now (I'll trim that when I'm ready to bind it). I think the windmill pattern is so cute, and it's been really fun to quilt it. The top row of windmills is the only row I haven't done yet. I still haven't decided what to do around the border, since it's got the long rectangles that would mess up the flow of any sort of braided pattern. I honestly haven't given it much thought since I've been doing the middle first, but I'll find something to do with it!

In other baby news, I discovered today that Tuesday Morning actually has a pretty good selection of reduced-price baby clothes and other paraphernalia, so I was looking at some of them when Jack and I were there earlier today. I think that because baby clothes are already so cute, manufacturers feel the need to decorate them with cute tags and give them personalities. For example, many of the sets have tags that say things like "I'm a 3-piece set" and "I have a hat!" The funniest, though, was the tag that said this (complete with punctuation):

Turn me around
"I have booties!"

First of all, the text is ridiculously funny. Say it aloud if you don't believe me. I laughed, and when I turned the hanger around, I found out that it did, in fact, come with booties. Why that part is in quotes when the other isn't is anybody's guess. Lauren and I have been particularly amused lately by unnecessary quotation marks, as if the text in quotes isn't really true. I was half expecting there not to be any booties and for the back of it to say, "Ha ha! Tricked you!"

Anyway, shopping for other people's babies is tons of fun. The stuff is so tiny and adorable, and it makes you think only of the good things babies do, like sleeping and cooing in their cute little ducky pajamas and hats and "booties."

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Great work on the quilt Erica! Does Jack know that you are already shopping for baby clothes?
Ha. Funny. They're not for any kids we're having, since we're not having them yet! But I have a nephew to look forward to in March, as well as an Elvis (his/her psuedonym until Jeannette and Chris find out his/her sex) in July, so I'm on the lookout for cute stuff to lavish upon these kids!
LOL! My favorite unnecessary use of quotes was on a generic pizza box: "hot" pizza delivered to your door! What, is the pizza really NOT hot? As you say, is it a trick? Are they being sarcastic? (oh right right right, Naive Customer, the pizza is "hot"! It is as hot as a bowl of ice cream, haha!)

I love the baby quilt! :-D I have to say, kudos to you for making a high-contrast quilt that the little one will actually be able to SEE! This is somewhat of a soapbox topic for me, but bear with me... All of that pastel baby stuff may be cute, but infants haven't developed the visual acuity to see it until they are a few months old. High-contrast areas, like polka dots and bright windmills foster early visual development. If you want to see it for yourself, try it: give a young infant a choice between looking at a pastel pattern and a brightly colored, high contrast pattern like black and white dots. I'd bet $5 that they look toward the dots instead of the pastel. Horray for Aunt Erica!
Well, I really think it's still "Elvis" until he/she is born, even when we do find out if it's a boy or girl. Because I'm weird about referring to unborn babies by their intended name. (Don't know why...) ;-)
Yeah, Jeannette, I figured that out yesterday when we were talking about the kid at Packed Lunch Club. It makes perfect sense. Elvis he/she will be!

And Lauren, thanks for the compliment, but the kudos should really go to Joanna and Adrian, who picked the primary-color theme. =) I just got to take their theme and find corresponding fabrics!
Looking Good!! Mom Ann
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