Good News/Bad News

The good news is that both of the cats have finally decided to sleep on the bed with us at night. The bad news is that both of the cats have finally decided to sleep on the bed with us at night.

It's great, because we love our cats and have been trying for a while to convince them to be a family with us and sleep on the bed. Patti in particular usually sleeps on the sofa or somewhere on the floor, and we want her to be near us. Celia often visits us in the night, usually just long enough to step on us and purr in our faces, demanding attention. Anyway, for the last several nights, they've decided that they both need to sleep on the bed (I guess they figured out that it's really comfortable, which we've known for some time). The bad part of that is that they both like to take up space, and they're now severely limiting the freedom of our legs. This is especially a problem for me, because I thrash around a lot when I sleep, so I've had to pay attention to where they are so I don't knock them on the floor accidentally. It's been interesting. Eventually, I think we might have to find another place to sleep, because they'll gradually take over our room completely. =)

They're cute, though. We love our good kitties.




Boy, can I relate to this experience! Benny & Angel both sleep on my side of the bed, and it's a challenge to figure out how to stretch out my legs and/or turn over in between or around them. Benny used to jump off the bed whenever I would move slightly, but now he holds his spot until I figure out how to get comfy! P.S. Do you have any pix of the kitties with Jessie?
Well, we have some pics of Celia with Jessie, but Patti never got within photo range of the dog. I'll put them up as soon as I organize them! =)
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