Crib en route

Well, pretty soon we'll have something to put our baby in. I ordered a crib and changing table today from Target, since they're running a 15% off furniture promotion until tomorrow and I wanted to offset at least SOME of the massive shipping costs. Ugh. Ordering this furniture online is still cheaper than what we'd spend at BRU or someplace similar, and we're optimistic about the quality of these particular pieces. I read a lot of reviews and am really excited about the furniture we chose, which you can see on our Target registry if you feel like checking it out. (I didn't expect anyone to buy us furniture, but I wanted to put it on the registry both so that I'd remember which things we chose and so that curious people could look.) We went with black wood furniture, which should look neat with our light green walls and the brightly-colored blue, green and yellow furnishings we plan to have.

It's a convertible crib, which should (barring emergency) convert into a toddler bed and then into a full-sized bed, even though we'll have to buy the rails for that last part separately when the time comes. So many cribs are convertible now, and it really seems like a smart way to go, especially since we don't know how long we'll want to wait before #2 and will probably need a toddler bed before we need a crib again (let's hope).

I'm so excited to get our furniture! Of course, the office is still a bit office-y and not so nursery-y, so there's no space to put the stuff together yet, but as Jack said, perhaps having these large boxes in a corner will help inspire us to work faster on our organizing and tossing endeavors. It's coming together slowly, but the bulk of the 17-point plan still lies unfinished as of yet. Sigh. I'm SO glad humans have 9 months (give or take) to prepare for baby arrivals.

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Neat! A crib that converts is such a good idea. How neat would it be to lay in your bed as a teenager knowing that you had been in this bed (in some form) for all of your life? Interesting! Be sure to post pictures when you get it all assembled!
Would you send us a copy of the 17 points. We'll use it for our house. Mom A.
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