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Today was the annual Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade in downtown Baton Rouge, and Jack and I convinced our friends Matt and Steph to go with us to partake in the revelry. They had done a bit of the parade thing in years past, but not the Spanish Town parade, which is the biggest one in town and is always a lot of fun (we went two years ago). We stopped at Whole Foods on the way to get some takeout from their awesome global cuisine bar, and we got there early enough that we could pick out a spot, open up our camping chairs, and have a little picnic before the parade started.

The parade got going a little after noon, and once the sun came out, it was really nice. Plenty of people around us were sloshed, but we went the alcohol-avoidance route ourselves, especially Sober Pregnant Erica, who would really enjoy an Abita Turbodog but who is coping nonetheless. We caught a bunch of beads and Steph also got some plastic cups, including one that I caught but didn't want to keep, since we have a massive collection of cups from the NOLA parades last year. There are always stuffed toys and other things that some of the krewes throw, but unless you're a slutty girl or a cute kid, you don't tend to get anything like that. That's okay. Next year, we'll have a cute kid in a Bjorn. =)

We also got wind of an open-house party happening at the home of a friend of ours from church, who lives just off the parade route, so we hung out there for a little while after the parade, had some gumbo, and chatted with our fun church peeps for about an hour. One of our friends was circling the group with a camera, and she took a picture of Jack and me in all our beads to commemorate Kent's in-utero Mardi Gras. I thought that was cute.

After we trudged back to the car and then dropped off Matt and Steph at their car, we swung by our local produce place to get our Annual Flat of Strawberries. Most of them are sitting happily on the kitchen counter, waiting for me to do yummy things with them, but we did have to dig into a few after we got home and had some awesome strawberry shortcake. I don't think I'll like waiting until April or May for strawberries whenever we move away from here. It's the perfect kickoff to spring, which seems to be right around the corner.

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Spring right around the corner???!!!! I am so jello! We have a skating ring for a courtyard... You can keep the strawberries though. Any rasberries around?
Hugs to you both- a&j
and i do mean an ICE skating ring....
Strawberries in February? I knew there had to be some benefit to living in Louisiana! We won’t see fresh strawberries from this area for another few months. When you make those great desserts, remember the rest of us who still have frozen birdbaths and who are scraping ice off of windshields each morning :)
Oooo fresh strawberries...yum! You are cruel making me want some. Think they would mail ok in a padded bubble wrap envelope?? :-)

P.S. ufgxz! That sounds like a garbled version of the Minnesotan "uffda," ROTFL!
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