I didn't fail, but I haven't passed yet, either. My committee wants a few more drops of blood from me before I can kiss the general exam experience goodbye. I'll be having a mini follow-up exam in a few weeks to expand on some of the areas they felt I was lacking, so it's not over yet. I'm pretty disappointed in myself, but I don't feel like going into detail. Suffice it to say that they expected more from me, and the jury's still out on whether I can deliver.

Better news is that Jack isn't a carrier for cystic fibrosis, and all of our other screenings came back normal as well. They had identified me as a carrier of CF, so I was pretty worried about our chances of passing it on to the baby if Jack was a carrier as well, but our nurse called today to let us know that all is well. Huge sigh of relief. Almost makes up for the other thing.

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Hang in there! They think you're great and want you to succeed!!
You'll do great! Think of it as, they think you CAN deliver (they have put a lot of time and mentoring into you) and this is your opportunity to show them that you have Whatever They Want on the tip of your tongue. You know?

That is such good news that your screenings came back normal!
YEah Erica. I have lots of faith in you just like the rest of your friends!!!
And glad your tests came back ok. I assume if you are the only carrier, that the babys won't have it?
Yeah, we would both have to be carriers to pass on either CF or carrier-dom for CF to the baby. Sighs of relief. =)
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