Follow-up to yesterday

I have snot in addition to my coughing now. It's allergies. I already had my freakin' Spring Allergy Week, and I'm rather annoyed that I'm having another one already. I guess it's better than the alternatives, having bronchitis or something.

Jack finished assembling the changing table last night, and it's awesome! It's very sturdy, and the cats have already explored it and sat on the shelves and everything, so we know it's battle-ready.

We're having friends over for a cookout tonight, so I'm making deviled eggs, banana pudding, and veggie skewers, and I've already gotten fresh corn on the cob as well (another Louisiana benefit). Our friends are bringing hot dogs and some kind of side dish (and Jack has veggie burgers in the freezer), so we should have quite a spread. It feels so nice outside that Jack has even decided to mow, which is good, because our backyard was getting to be quite the jungle. I was actually a little worried when Jeannette told me that she had let Ellis play back there last week, since I get visions of strange animals and insects hiding amongst the tall grasses and weeds when things get as overgrown as they have been. =) I'm not complaining, because I don't do any of the mowing anyway, and it's not as if Jack hasn't been doing other useful things. It just gets a little scary when some of the weeds look as if they could take me in a fight.

Happy Saturday!

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Being sick is no fun, especially when you have nice weather, cookouts and a freshly mowed yard to enjoy. Hope you feel better soon!
Well, I didn't let him play too close to the really jungly section or under the Big Tree. Though he would've gladly explored. I know too full well the delights that Mother Creatures of Louisiana could hold. :-)


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